Disorientated Feelings (Part 18)

The day of the festival has arrived. I've brought my siblings along just to see what they could do there, or at least have fun there. To tell you the truth, I hardly know anything about them despite living in the same house and having the same set of parents. I wonder what do they see me as?

Thinking back, the weird school principal who called me back on my birthday last year seem to be telling the truth. I didn't believe him back then as the time-traveling part seemed too hard to believe. However, he also added that there is some hidden truth about myself that I should know nothing of, but will soon find out anyway. What does he mean by that? I don't find anything odd about myself...

As I was heading about with my duties as the organizing committee and as a student council member, I decided to drop by the computer lab. Sure enough, I heard my siblings' voices.

Izumi: "You mean that it will happen?"

Saeko: "Only if she is not aware of it taking place. Though this could change, like how changing the past affects the present. Since she and all of us know now, this could change, but we don't know if they would still attack her or how differently."

Kousei: "But what can we do? I can only think of stopping them, which is impossible for me."

Saeko: "And if their attacks hit my other body, I would be limited in movement and can't do anything for a while. Really get killed if they go after the one I'm in now."

I looked around and, besides my siblings, my boyfriend was with them. I headed in. I know I'm not comfortable calling that girl as my boyfriend, but she was him not too long ago.

Me: "Well, I wanted to keep it a secret, but this involves my life. Unlike Hisakawa-san here who has somewhere to fall back to that can't die, I fear that I would fade into nothingness if it were to actually happen, especially when I have not yet experience life in full before even becoming an adult. I think I can reprogram you so that attacks would not penetrate you and prevent your body from going into a 'pretending-to-be-dead/killed' mode."

I really don't know how to address my boyfriend as, since he's now a girl. I need the clone's body to see how I can still be living even though I should have died. I heaved a sigh of disappointment as I looked at her, since the clone is not there.

Me: "I forgot... The one capable of what I just said is not here. Saeko, bring her to your workplace at the end of the day. I will be there. I have a lot of things to do now."

Yes, I am going to program the device in such a way that my boyfriend would turn back, and find out more about Mamiko's abilities, especially after what happened last night.

My boyfriend invited me to her place to stay over the night: it's the recently-completed apartment complex. A sharp contrast to the house he/she used to live in that I visited before. When I asked her how she managed to own that recently-completed penthouse at the top, she doesn't seem to know why herself: she woke up in there on the morning of being turned into a girl.

To other people, seeing 3 girls walking together means that they are close friends, but the girls in the Mihara Academy uniform consists of my recently-turned-into-a-girl boyfriend, while the other was her clone that seems to have been made more recently. I was hoping he was just crossdressing or went through some weird surgery, but when I tried to do that like before, it was impossible. 2 receivers but no transmitter. Ugh. I have to figure out a way to turn her back. No point bothering with the clone. Just to be sure though, I had to ask her if she really is my boyfriend.

Me: "Tell me, how did I first met you?"

Saeko: "Well, you crashed into me while carrying books, hid your face with one of the fallen books as you picked the rest up, before running away. Later on, you wrote your love letters to me with that Gobachev name in an unusually formal way."

I hate to admit, but this girl really is my boyfriend: she even told me stuff that nobody else knows. I have to change her back or we can't be a married couple.

With some research, I have made a time-traveling device. I would only require adjusting the device my boyfriend was wearing to turn her back into a guy, but first, I would travel to the Mihara Academy school festival that took place just before mine. She said that I was there and had even talked to each other, but I wasn't even there! Maybe it was the future me instead.


I met up with my cousin, Aiko, when I was searching for those two. We bought some snacks, drinks, ice-cream along the way. I kind of forgot why I was here until we saw the clone staring at us with a puzzled look on her face.

Saeko: "I know the both of you, but I've never seen you two together. How do you two know each other?"

Aiko: "We're cousins. In fact, we are born in the same year. Kotomi? How do you know her?"

I explained my long story to my cousin on how we met. I told her the truth: Met at first by accident early last year at my school back in my original dimension almost everyday after that until the day before he turned into a girl back in May, 4 months earlier, and did not see my boyfriend again until the week before now. I almost confessed to him back in May and did not recognize him until I heard rumors of a cute girl from another school who keeps appearing at a particular class that she was walking with a guy that she was close with. When I saw the news report about a girl being stabbed by bad guys later that day, I recognized her as the one who fits the rumors that was spread around school. Since her gender and given name is completely different, I didn't recognize that girl was my boyfriend at that time. However, her face and family name did made me think of it upon meeting again when I accused her of being a spy,

Aiko: "Kotomi, I think you can stop there. Look, Mamiko is already crying."

Sure enough, tears were flowing out of her eyes and was sobbing with her hands covering her eyes.

Mamiko: "It's not your fault that I was reminded of it. It's just control mwahaaaaa!!!"

She started to cry loudly. Why are you crying? People are watching us!

Just as my cousin and I were figuring out how to stop her crying, I heard Mamiko's voice from a nearby speaker.

Mamiko (speaker): "Ah! I can't stand that crying! Kotomi, can you help to shut myself up."

Wait, you mean the voice from that speaker comes from the girl crying in front of me? The same person? Although I'm puzzled as to what was going on, I followed what she said by asking my cousin to grab a hold of her while I covered up her mouth.

Mamiko (in person): "Hey! What are you two doing? Let me go!"

Mamiko (speaker): "Ignore that! Keep at it until I've calm down. Beat me up weakly if necessary."

I'm confused as to which to follow: her mind is completely different from what her body is doing. After she calmed down, I carried her to a table outside a nearby cafe and waited for Saeko to head there, since she's probably aware of what happened with us. I fiddled with the device so that Saeko would (hopefully) turn back into a guy. She doesn't seem to know what I just did when. ironically, it was her that made it.

Saeko: "Anyways, about that thing..."

She was pointing me towards Mamiko. Hold on, I can't really tell you two apart!

Me: "Oh, the machine you came across at the science research department of this school? I made it, just the month before you came across it. Of course, with the help of several others."

She gave me a look that what I just said was not what she was talking about, but since she was interested anyway, I continued on describing it.

At the end of the day, I traveled back to my present period and wait for that time to arrive. I should not let my guard down like what I saw on the video of my own death.

After my school festival that seemed like forever, I brought Saeko and Mamiko to their workplace, which is one of the branches of my company. There's something odd about Mamiko I would want to find out, especially since I heard her voice in a tone that is completely different from what she was doing. In fact, it seems that there is more than that.

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[Author's note: This was not published immediately after part 17 as I need to revise the content due to suggestive words and conflicts with other parts.]


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