Alternate Dimension (Part 34)

I haven't been seeing much of Kotomi for almost a year. I went to her house most of the time and none of he family members know where she went to. Her mobile phone has not been contactable too. I wonder what is going on in her mind? I'm worried. Oh, and when I talked to her mother, she appears to be hiding something from me when I asked, but she really doesn't know where she went. Wonder if it's something to do with what she mentioned some time ago about her having a secret that she herself doesn't know about. What is it then? But then again, some secrets are best not to know about. Still, I don't know anyone else that I could get along with.

The college entrance exams are approaching, Everyone is studying for it, with the criteria ranging from entering one of the best schools, to just being in the same university as their friends. Although people have high expectations of Kotomi and actually has a scholarship into one of the popular universities in America, which, to everyone's shock, she rejected.

Well, that was some time ago. Towards the end of 2006, I was shopping for Christmas presents for everyone when I noticed a huge crowd being gathered at one of the widest grate-level crossing ever know of. I was too far to tell what was going on, but I did hear shouting. The shouting mysteriously stopped when a train went past here, which applied emergency brakes almost immediately. I heard the crowd gasp and the train sounding the horn shortly before that happened though. It seems as though someone was hit. I took a look at who it was and...


She was lying face-down, lifeless. Upon turning her around, I noticed that she was wearing her now blood-stained school summer uniform. Her eyes were missing. There were signs of injury that happened shortly before being hit all over her body.

Me: What happened? Who did this to you?

Kotomi did not respond. I tried to shake her awake, but no response. There were no signs of life as her heart is not beating and her body is getting cold. During the time I was shaking her, a scribbled piece of paper fell out. It said:

If you are reading this, I might have already died after being hit by a train with my eyes missing on [today's date]. Even though I myself wouldn't want to die, I can't help but to notice that I would die this soon. The reason why I said I don't want to enter college after high school is before I foresee this happening sooner. As proof that I didn't commit suicide, please examine the CCTV footage positioned south of where my body laid and conduct an autopsy on my body: you would notice me being raped by two complete strangers and making me blind. You might also notice a broken brown glass bottle at the side of a nearby road containing some kind of acid as evidence. As to how I got hit by a train from then, they made me dizzy on top of being blind so I couldn't find my way out. I know there's a crowd trying to help me out, but I couldn't tell which direction is which. If you can positively identify who the culprits who did this to me, please inform my family or Saeko Hisakawa of the Mihara Academy.

-Kotomi Miyazawa

PS. Hisakawa-san, you can stop shaking my dead body now? You are making a scene of yourself in front of the crowd surrounding us. No, really. Just take a copy of this note from one of my pockets to do whatever you want and stay away from me from now on. The police and ambulance will be arriving quite soon.

It's obviously written beforehand, but to people who didn't know that she had watched the footage mentioned from the future, they would be surprised at the exact accuracy, right up to me holding her body as I'm reading the note. What the?!

Tears start to flow out of my eyes. I've only met her since 2004. She brought light into my worthless life and hang out together before we know it. Even she herself doesn't know why she liked me more than the other people. Maybe it's the comfort I'm giving that others, including her family, can't give. She may be smart, but in her heart, she's rather lonely.

"What do I do now?", I said in tears.

Chapter 7


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