Alternate Dimension (Part 33)

Well, this thing would be useful if I could check further back/towards the past/future than one hour from the present time, like 10 years. Even so, there's nothing I can do currently to help Kotomi with her situation, as though it will happen the exact same way regardless of what she tries to do to prevent it. Kotomi is too depressed to talk to anyone right now. She did try to tell her family about it, but they think that she's just having a nightmare or something.

I was playing with this thing on my way home to spot anything interesting. So far: nothing, except that I would be in an area of the house I rarely go to within an hour. You can say that my house is huge, but I have only been to the area around the entrance, which forms a small percentage of the total area and have never explored the rest since acquiring it.

Hold on... does that mean that I will be doing the exact same thing later?

If i were to be thinking of doing something else, will that future change? Like doing my homework for example? Speaking of which, I have some to do.

...except that i don't know how to do it. I know what the topic is, but not the exact details. Saeko is now out with that (former) best friend of mine, so i guess i have to search for a book on it somewhere.

I headed to where I remembered seeing a lot of books: the study room. I find those easier and more reliable to search than looking up online, which are in bits and pieces.

The study room is filled with a lot of books, study desks, nice design, and so on, that you might mistake the place to be a college library, though still smaller than a regular public library. I still  can't believe that this house is legally mine.


Oh, that book up there looks like it could contain what I'm looking for. Let's...What?! I can't reach it? I was able to reach something that high just early this year... Oh, wait.

I looked down at myself: I forgot that I had turned into a girl back in May. How could i have forgotten that? Especially when changing or the voice that comes out of my mouth. Oh well, let's use that ladder over there to get that book.


There's something awfully familiar about this scene... Hold on! I saw myself doing this not too long ago and I'm doing it without realizing it! This dimensional viewer is too accurate that what i had dreaded to happen could most likely to happen.


Kotomi's behavior seem to have changed since the night after her school festival. I can understand: it's like you have disease or cancer and the doctor saying that there is no cure and have few short months left to live. For some unknown reason, she would prefer Saeko instead of me. I mean, what's the difference? Saeko's body was originally mine, but i'm mysteriously stuck in my clone's body. Wait. Does she know about this? Well, to anyone looking at us from the outside, there isn't any, except that I'm just an extra that nobody seem to care.

Chapter 7

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