Disorientated Feelings (Part 21)

Mamiko seem to know what I was thinking about and pointed at her hips. Huh? What is that supposed to mean? This car is an MPV and not a sedan, so I can see the load by just looking behind the back seat, but there's nothing there. And where on earth are the wires connected to the notebook PC on Mamiko's lap connected to? Certainly not the cigar lighter receptacle I see over there.

Me: "Don't tell me you two had forgotten my luggage, haven't you? I know it was with me when I met you guys."

Mamiko: "Mamiko, relax. Like I said, it's with me and this car is mine."

Right, I don't see anything with you and one of my bags is quite large and heavy?

Me: "Speaking of which, when did you come here?"

Mamiko: "After the end of the third year of the first cycle, the year after you should have been hit by a train. I couldn't stand not being with you and Saeko is already with someone else and is ignoring me to the point I feel lonely. Some guys at work pointed out that you had travelled to the current dimention months before the incident happened. I though I would turn back into a normal guy, but instead, I remained in this tight robot-like female body. I don't mind not needing to feed myself or be able to withstand the most powerful attack to me and still not have a scratch, but doing the same things over even though I have succeeded in it several times is boring. Reason why I am repeating high school is because my supervisor told me my age is forever stuck at 16 years and can't die. Ugh. Makes me wonder how I even exist. Strange enough though, I still have truckloads of money and own the large expensive penthouse, but... Itsuki... and my birth parents are poor and still live at the old house."

We arrived at where the funeral is held. I have never been in the rain this huge for such a long time. There is an overhead shelter at the drop-off point, but the size of it and strong winds blowing the rain inwards made it useless to be protected from the rain. I'm wet... even though I didn't stand in the rain... By the way, is this the right place? I may be blood related via my dad, but I honestly don't know the family, though her grandmother is my great-grandmother. Eh? How can that be if she's younger than me by about 6 years? Speaking of family, my family are already there, dressed in black, waiting for my arrival. My luggage are still nowhere to be seen, but Mamiko is mysteriously holding the things from the luggage that I need. Where did she get them from?


As I sat at the chairs there, people started to pay respects to all in the family that were killed. Curious on how I was related to them, I asked my parents. My siblings seem to have the same thing on their minds.

Dad (crying): "The mother is my youngest aunt. I don't see her much, but when I do see her, she doesn't get along well with her siblings, including my father. That's why she moved to somewhere around the capital. The girl who is still alive over there is the only living member in the immediate family."

Wait. What? You mean to say that girl is my great-grandmother's grandchild? So that means that she belongs to the same family generation as dad, but is younger than me. I have never seen my parents cry like that before. Especially dad, whom I hardly see and always wear a serious or angry face when I do. Then again, I have never seen him before I departed for my university 3 years ago, so I don't know what he did since then because of my absence back at home. He's always been cold to me since birth for reasons I don't know. Wonder if it's related to those strange words the principal back in high school had told me, but why am I, the person in question, the only one who does not know the secret about me? Speaking about me, could they have cried like this if I had died in that rain accident?

The cost of the funeral seem to be a lot more than the average ones, the decorations being quite nice, the place being quite big with a tall ceiling to accommodate hundreds of their friends and colleagues. I wonder who is covering the expenses? Certainly not that poor Nanami. I should go comfort her and offer some assistance. I don't know her well, so I don't expect her to know me, even if we were to meet up again later.

Mamiko gave her a large bag of money (Where did that large sum of money come from? And why does it seem that Mamiko has been bringing out things out of nowhere?) and Itsuki, who was with her, said about something that has to do with my company. Those two seem to treat each other as siblings. I didn't hang around to see what other people, most whom I really don't know, offered her. Wonder if she's aware enough in her current state to even know what she accepted. I'd better talk to her at a later date when she's feeling better, though my great-grandmother, Ajisai Miyazawa (宮澤 紫陽花), might already have plans to stay with her since she's the one who called me down when I'm overseas.

This funeral has taught me a lot of things like knowing my relatives, and more importantly, how valuable live is and the impact it has to others, though I might have too much of the me-being-killed-by-a-train-collision during my second year of high school scare. Now that I'm done here, I shall head back to my university dorm for a while for graduation and the possible last meet up of my friends there. Most of my stuff are still over there anyways. Maybe I'll bring some stuff they might be interested in.

My luggage mysteriously reappeared next to me shortly after Mamiko and Itsuki dropped me off at the international airport. Wha-?

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