441st post: Status of my Vector Tracing

I know I haven't been vectoring much for almost half a year now due to me having the lack of time to do them. Some of them include:
  1. My job (it's a mental torture out there)
  2. Typing my stories here and an organized (not necessarily corrected) version of it at Wordpress
  3. Some updates here and there
  4. Twittering (though mostly when I'm out)
  5. Some game at Facebook
  6. Accumulated unwatched anime because of no. 1
  7. Organizing (and playing) music and video files
  8. Traveling, because of no.1 and where idiots colleagues, friends, and family drag me to
  9. ニホンゴノウリョクシケン (no really)
  10. Eating and sleeping. Although I eat at the computer or while doing other things, I don't know why I my body needs 9 hours of (uninterrupted) sleep even though I'm almost an adult. And that feeling from the lack of sleep (or continuing on when my body wants to sleep) is a torture.
  11. not in the mood
  12. too freaking complicated and might give up mid-way
  13. Finding a suitable theme for no.2. I like the current one with it's clean and simple layout and mobile-friendly support, but navigating to my stories and vectors there is horrible if you don't know where they are. (Even I don't know where they are. Links in no.12 was possible because I visited the page before in my default browser.)
  14. Editing and uploading videos and quietly put them up. (link to the other account if something happens to the other) So quiet that I don't even mention anything about it here or at Twitter.
  15. and so on....
This does not mean I will stop doing them completely though, but just when I feel like doing so. However, the rate of finding potential images to vector trace from is growing faster than just doing one of them. There are 300 images on the waiting list, more than triple of what has already been vectored.


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