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Chasing After Rainbows: October 2009

31 October 2009

441st post: Status of my Vector Tracing

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I know I haven't been vectoring much for almost half a year now due to me having the lack of time to do them. Some of them include:
  1. My job (it's a mental torture out there)
  2. Typing my stories here and an organized (not necessarily corrected) version of it at Wordpress
  3. Some updates here and there
  4. Twittering (though mostly when I'm out)
  5. Some game at Facebook
  6. Accumulated unwatched anime because of no. 1
  7. Organizing (and playing) music and video files
  8. Traveling, because of no.1 and where idiots colleagues, friends, and family drag me to
  9. ニホンゴノウリョクシケン (no really)
  10. Eating and sleeping. Although I eat at the computer or while doing other things, I don't know why I my body needs 9 hours of (uninterrupted) sleep even though I'm almost an adult. And that feeling from the lack of sleep (or continuing on when my body wants to sleep) is a torture.
  11. not in the mood
  12. too freaking complicated and might give up mid-way
  13. Finding a suitable theme for no.2. I like the current one with it's clean and simple layout and mobile-friendly support, but navigating to my stories and vectors there is horrible if you don't know where they are. (Even I don't know where they are. Links in no.12 was possible because I visited the page before in my default browser.)
  14. Editing and uploading videos and quietly put them up. (link to the other account if something happens to the other) So quiet that I don't even mention anything about it here or at Twitter.
  15. and so on....
This does not mean I will stop doing them completely though, but just when I feel like doing so. However, the rate of finding potential images to vector trace from is growing faster than just doing one of them. There are 300 images on the waiting list, more than triple of what has already been vectored.

30 October 2009

Alternate Dimension (Part 33)

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Well, this thing would be useful if I could check further back/towards the past/future than one hour from the present time, like 10 years. Even so, there's nothing I can do currently to help Kotomi with her situation, as though it will happen the exact same way regardless of what she tries to do to prevent it. Kotomi is too depressed to talk to anyone right now. She did try to tell her family about it, but they think that she's just having a nightmare or something.

I was playing with this thing on my way home to spot anything interesting. So far: nothing, except that I would be in an area of the house I rarely go to within an hour. You can say that my house is huge, but I have only been to the area around the entrance, which forms a small percentage of the total area and have never explored the rest since acquiring it.

Hold on... does that mean that I will be doing the exact same thing later?

If i were to be thinking of doing something else, will that future change? Like doing my homework for example? Speaking of which, I have some to do.

...except that i don't know how to do it. I know what the topic is, but not the exact details. Saeko is now out with that (former) best friend of mine, so i guess i have to search for a book on it somewhere.

I headed to where I remembered seeing a lot of books: the study room. I find those easier and more reliable to search than looking up online, which are in bits and pieces.

The study room is filled with a lot of books, study desks, nice design, and so on, that you might mistake the place to be a college library, though still smaller than a regular public library. I still  can't believe that this house is legally mine.


Oh, that book up there looks like it could contain what I'm looking for. Let's...What?! I can't reach it? I was able to reach something that high just early this year... Oh, wait.

I looked down at myself: I forgot that I had turned into a girl back in May. How could i have forgotten that? Especially when changing or the voice that comes out of my mouth. Oh well, let's use that ladder over there to get that book.


There's something awfully familiar about this scene... Hold on! I saw myself doing this not too long ago and I'm doing it without realizing it! This dimensional viewer is too accurate that what i had dreaded to happen could most likely to happen.


Kotomi's behavior seem to have changed since the night after her school festival. I can understand: it's like you have disease or cancer and the doctor saying that there is no cure and have few short months left to live. For some unknown reason, she would prefer Saeko instead of me. I mean, what's the difference? Saeko's body was originally mine, but i'm mysteriously stuck in my clone's body. Wait. Does she know about this? Well, to anyone looking at us from the outside, there isn't any, except that I'm just an extra that nobody seem to care.

Chapter 7

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26 October 2009

Minor stuff noticed in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

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Those drinks... they look familiar... where have I seen them before? Let's have a closer look at the drink.

Curry Soup? Soup of the bear? Well, I don't remember the name, but I know it had that design.

Ah! It's one of the drinks that came out that had earlier swallowed Touma's 2000 yen note in Index.

The covers appear to be based on actual magazines, but let's focus on the bottom of where Mikoto is standing at.

Wait?! "Denki Daioh" with the cover of Shana??? About the Shakugan no Shana S OVA that just came out this month???

Speaking of Shana, this scene in the same episode reminds me of the Shana Anime when the Fuzetsu is activated.

These two images are of the same place, with the 1st image being chronologically later than the 2nd. However, there is no closet in the first image. (Note: Kuruko is on Mikoto's bed)

Let's zoom in at the study desk behind Kuruko's bed. Railgun makes the place look smaller than Index. The fridge is still there but the gap on the left-side of the bed is a lot narrower and where did the bed go in the 2nd image of this set?

Speaking of Saten and Uiraru, these two girls did make a cameo appearance in the opening and some scenes in the main episode (quite rare) of Index. Btw, who is that guy in the 2nd image?

18 October 2009

Disorientated Feelings (Part 21)

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Mamiko seem to know what I was thinking about and pointed at her hips. Huh? What is that supposed to mean? This car is an MPV and not a sedan, so I can see the load by just looking behind the back seat, but there's nothing there. And where on earth are the wires connected to the notebook PC on Mamiko's lap connected to? Certainly not the cigar lighter receptacle I see over there.

16 October 2009

438th post: Desires

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When was my last non-story/anime post here? 2 weeks ago.

There are so many things that I have been wanting to do, but didn't. Singing, playing the orchestra, meet up with friends, traveling to far-away places, etc., are to name a few. My parents are mostly absent during my growing-up years, so I don't know things well or in a one-sided view and therefore mature quite slowly compared to my peers. In fact, I never bought things on a regular basis by myself, but through my parents (and their money), until just 3-4 years ago. Quite embarrassing to say considering my age now.

In addition to the missed opportunities mentioned above, they are also those caused by an another person: directly or indirectly. Whatever those missed opportunities are, I will never know, as it didn't happen on top of the many possibilities that can/could have happen. I was not mature enough to know cause and effect of things as they are not mention in the description directly and not know how to tell. Who knows how different my life would be now if they did happen.

My appetite to eat a lot of food from then has also dropped mysteriously. And neither has the been a change of my body mass of more than a kilo, which is already considered quite light.

12 October 2009

Disorientated Feelings (Part 20)

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It looks like I'm back in the original dimension I belonged to: Hisakawa-san has turned back (sort of) into a guy and that clone following around like a servant, invading our privacy, is gone too. Seeing that my colleagues, including Itsuki, recalled things differently, it seems as though the nightmare I had been through is over. Shin'ichi doesn't recall that earthquake-like feeling everyone there had been through. This means one thing: they are still stuck at that dimention and the ones here are like on auto-pilot, unless they never changed dimensions. But still, will I die this December?

11 October 2009

Disorientated Feelings (Part 19)

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(continued from part 18)
(Related: Alternate Dimension Part 31)

After reaching the place and dealing with that weird man in charge of the place, I examine closely at Mamiko: she doesn't have a belly button (huh?) and is wearing a black competition swimsuit that doesn't seem removable or be able to cut open, as though it's now part of her body. She says that she has been wearing it since my siblings went overseas during the summer vacation (WHAT? That long ago?) and somehow still appear brand new despite not bathing at all. How's that possible? It's glued to her body (wouldn't that be uncomfortable?), been wearing it for weeks, running around in the summer weather with clothes on top of it, not taking a bath, and is still oddly free from sweat, dirt and odor as though she goes through thorough cleaning everyday. (She also added that she has not eaten, drank, or had been to a toilet in that same duration too. How is that possible and still appear energetic?)

09 October 2009

Autumn 2009 Anime Preview

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Forgive me for having this out quite late. (Kämpfer ep2 would be airing in a few hours.) Let's just get it started as this is a continuation of the previous Spring/Summer anime review post.
(Note: Screenshots may not feature the main character or suggestive scenes in the anime.)

"This library is the best place to fight"


Rating: Medium-High

Description: Senou Natsuru is your normal, everyday high school student. However he´s been chosen to be a Kampfer, who´s objective consists on fighting other Kampfer with either guns, swords or magic, however, there´s catch; first you can´t chose if you´re a Kampfer or not, and second, you must have the body of a girl to use your powers.

Comments: Haven't seen a Male-to-Female transformation for quite a long time. When was the last one? Simoun? Kashimashi? Ether way, it was a long time ago.

08 October 2009

Alternate Dimension (Part 32)

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Kotomi seem to know how the device I made better than I know it myself. How is that possible? Well, she was forced into this dimension and know she was about to die by something she can't control... I feel sad for her. It's like no matter what different things she tries to do, the end result is the same.

At work, I'm working with a branch at Gunma prefecture to further develop the device. I do the programming and a bit of research, while they do the testing and further research. The reason my supervisor gave me was that I'm "too valuable" and that the bad guys do not have a presence outside my city. "Too valuable"? What does he mean by that? Either way, it has already caused a lot of trouble for the rest of my life than anyone has even been through and not want to go through it again. I hardly get a hold or hear of the device lately. It belonged to the company in the first place to begin with.

Around the end of November, the people contacted me again. They said that they have added a feature that allows me to view different dimentions at any place and time. (By default, it's set to the current dimension and place.) I'm confused as to how it even works because, for example, in my current dimension, I can see myself holding this thing from behind clearly even though I know that there isn't any camera over there. There's also text at a corner saying that I'm viewing the current dimension.


Huh? There's an another dimension that's quite identical to the one I'm in now? Because it looks the same, but yet different. What is the difference then? I can't tell, apart that I'm not looking at the current dimension. Those guys are telling me that they are working on the time part, so I can't go any further than 1 hour from the current time.

Chapter 7

07 October 2009

Spring/Summer 2009 Anime review

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Hmm... I forgot what I had watched since I didn't write a review for Spring or preview for Summer despite Autumn just started.

Where did I put it....

Oh here it is. I would like to put images from the episodes, but I don't have them. Umineko is the only exception among the dropped anime with screenshot since I just dropped it at the time of typing.

Oh, I did hear that anime that I had highlighted in bold is quite good, including those that I did not watch.

Anime I didn't watch at all
Well these were anime that were stated to air for both Spring and Summer seasons, but didn't watch them mainly due to lack of interest.

03 October 2009

431st post:: Fear of Sleeping

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When the time comes to heading to sleep around midnight (午前0時/12am) there's thers's the feeling of fear when the thought of sleeping itself gives me the fear evem though I know I should take a rest and wake up early the followimg morning. It's also one of the reasons why I stay up quite late.

Despite this, my body is forcing me to sleep even though I don't want to.. It's like during a long ride in the train or car (as a passenger) where if a person were to be looking at me, I would appear to be sleeping and letting the motion of the vehicle move me around (and maybe having my head on the person next to me from time to time) aimlessly. Since I might be mentally awake, I can actually hear and remember clearly what people around me are saying. Makes me feel odd when they say that I'm sleeping but had trouble moving myself. If I'm lucky, I would be able to say what I want to, but in a sleeping tone, giving the impression that I'm sleep-talking.

There are also times when lisening to music through the headphones when I suddenly found myself to be waking up from sleep when I didn't even know I was asleep. The time is a proof of this. Despite all of this, I don't have insomnia.

PS. I'm typing this 2 meters away from the screen while lying down and can'r really see the errors I might have made above. I'm also watching the IOC announcement of the host city of the 2016 summer Olympics at the same time. (Wasn't even aware of it until someone at Twitter mentioned it.) They have not announced the city yet as at the time of typing, with only Rio de Jeneiro and Madrid left. It's a shame that Tokyo had dropped out: I had put up the support widgets here last year.

1:52am edit:It's Rio de Janeiro.

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