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(Note: This is not a scheduled post.)

If you have read several of my stories I have written and published on this blog, you might have noticed that the timeline have overlapped each other at some point or even different versions of the same period of time. (Eg."Why is it in story 4 that Kotomi still alive when, in story 2, she had died earlier?") I have made a visual representation of when stuff happens.

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Some points that I can't mention in the stories directly:
  • Kotomi Miyazawa and Nanami Fujibayashi are cousins.
  • Nanami may be younger than Kotomi, but she is of the same generation as Kotomi's parents.
  • I've completely forgotten about the doll mentioned in the 1st story.
  • Describing from Saeko and Mamiko point of view (POV) in alternate parts is confusing. I have quietly stuck to Mamiko's POV in recent parts.
  • Story 4 is the hardest to write as it takes place in a different place & time and nothing in common with the earlier stories.
  • Kotomi never met Haruna and vice versa.
  • The device Itsuki made didn't turn him into a girl: it only transferred his mind to a near-similar dimension where the Itsuki in that dimension was born a girl. The doll mentioned in Story 1 would explain why his colleagues were dragged along.
  • I avoid directly mentioning names of places, brands, company, bands, singers, etc., not because of trademark issues, but I just don't want to spend too much time thinking what name to use. For story 4, I only mention names of areas that might be made up.
  • The family gathering in Spring 2004 is in Hyogo Prefecture. Stories 1-3 takes place in Nagano Prefecture.
  • The future Saeko went to belongs to Dimension 2.
  • Except for Story 4, I just wrote as ideas came and not plan ahead. Despite this, it's strange that I can link them all up together.
  • I'm aware of the differences between the summer holiday of the 1st and 2nd story (and a brief mention on the 3rd), but I think the above graph explains the differences: all had the overseas holiday, same group of people and events, but the minor details are different.
  • Most of the stories published since July are actually written in advance, so I might have forgotten how the story goes if I haven't written for quite a while.
  • English version of the 1st part of the 4th story is actually written less than a week before the Japanese version even though it seems that the latter is done earlier than the former by 3 months.
  • I sometimes publish rejected versions of my stories on the updates blog.

Until I can find that notebook that mysteriously disappeared and a lot of free time, the frequency is going to be reduced. You can already see that my vectors has been reduced from 3 a week to 1 every 5 weeks.

Ps. I just ran out of scheduled posts, and why did I write this post?


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