Disorientated Feelings (Part 17)

Apart from doing some final preparations on the eve of the festival, a classmate of mine, who was the leading actress, fell ill. I called Saeko and Mamiko over so that I could program the latter of the two like a robot to perform the act. I was wondering around where they had went to until I reached class 2-6. Why is only half of that class used? Also, in the unused portion, why is Itsuki's table the only one that has not been moved?

Me: "Hey, 2-6! Why are you not using the entire classroom when it's obviously crammed? And why are you guys not moving this table?"

I walked towards Itsuki's table and placed my hand on it. I could see books with his name underneath. Hold on, why are those still there and the name not changed to Saeko? Itsuki is now Saeko in this dimention and technically has not and does not even study here.
Student A: "Oh, it's Miyazawa-san from the student council! We were..."

Student B: "Hey! Don't touch that table! It's cursed!"

Huh? I just wanted to take a look at the contents and... ugh...

Sure enough, I felt weird upon touching that table: all of a sudden, I had the urge to make a quick dash to the toilet. I thought I just did... What the heck?

I was forced to make an abrupt leave from the classroom and did not come back after a long time. Is this the effect of the curse? Why is it there? Why must it affect me? I'm his girlfriend you know.

I though I heard myself saying the last two sentences...

Anyways, it was then I saw Mamiko (Itsuki's female clone) sitting on the table I received the curse from. For some reason, nothing happened to her even though anyone who made contact with it had been cursed. Wait, where did those books I saw earlier went to? I don't see it on the floor or Mamiko holding them, but then again she has abilities that even she herself doesn't know. I need to investigate what her abilities are after the festival.

Mamiko seem to be in a tight spot as see seemed to inventing a story on how she removed the curse and noticed my presence. I'm only helping you only because you are my boyfriend's clone and I invited you here today, not because you are some random girl from another school who busybodies on what my school is preparing. Because I have higher authority, being in the planning comitee and the student council, they can't argue with me.

Me: "Oh, Mamiko-chan, you're finally here. I have something important to tell you, something we can't discuss here. Oh, and 2-6, I'll be back again."

I made it sound as though Mamiko had done something wrong.

Mamiko: "The curse should be gone now, but I can't guarantee that it won't come back."

She said that to the class. How did she remove the curse? I'm clueless...

I brought her to the computer room located some distance away from where most of the stalls are, so it probably be deserted when the festival would be going on.

This room has hardly been used since the school decided to change the operating system, which explains why I, when patrolling around, noticed a sharp drop of students heading to the computer lab: the operating system has been changed from that common OS to a little known OS. I think it happened during the first semester of the current school year. I didn't see anyone doing it before they change when I was around (probably because they were distracted by my presence: I'm too popular here.), but Itsuki told me that students would install and do stuff that would cause inconvenience to the next user and/or slow the computer down to the point of being unusable. He also saw students that were hogging the PCs playing video games, causing inconvenience to those who just want to edit documents or use the internet and not have a computer at home.

I uploaded the script to the clone and did other fine-tunings. It seems that I am able to change what and how she does tasks, except how she thinks: I can see what she's thinking (She's wondering what I'm doing to her right now), but not how she thinks. It's strange to be able to connect her to the computer and program her like a robot. I took a closer look at what her memories contains.

...they contain Itsuki's memories from his point of view. I know, as I saw myself in some of the images and the angle they are in. My worst fear has been confirmed: Itsuki is now a girl. I was hoping that Saeko and Mamiko Hisakawa was a distant relative with the great resemblance, but to become a rich girl from a poor boy is just...

Before I knew it, tears were flowing out of my eyes. This is a joke, right? My boyfriend, a girl?

I got lost in thought that I don't know what I was doing and, before I knew what I was going on, found myself in tears and kissing Mamiko. Wait! Why am I kissing someone of the same gender? The position I'm in and Mamiko's puzzled look, tells me that I started it. Seems that I can't accept the fact even though I knew and saw it with my own eyes.

I tried hard to think that my boyfriend is a guy, but all I see is an unknown girl that, in some ways, resembles him and somehow knows me. Not accepting this fact, I tried to do what I liked doing to him at a more open area, except that I got tangled by some wire. Me tripping over it brought back my senses and wonder what I was so hyped up about.

I forgot about that wire. Mamiko can't remove it herself no matter how hard she tries, even if the laws of physics says otherwise. That means that I can plug her at the ceiling or the wall near it with a short wire and she can't fall to the ground even though the wire she is attached to can't support her mass and the gravitational force that should have snapped immediately. Of course, Mamiko herself would not like this, especially the part of being helpless.

I would invite my siblings along to see what they can do during the festival. It's embarrassing to say that I don't know them well, especially when I am their eldest sister.

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