Alternate Dimension (Part 60)

I wasn't late for class, but the uncertainty of its location and little time left did make me feel anxious. I did notice that there are things in the school that an average school doesn't have, but I wasn't paying attention to them. The gardener and the granddaughter I spoke to earlier creeps me out even more than Itsuki's change while in here in terms of how dramatic the change was: a baby who looks and behaves like a teenager, and an old man with age-related problems appearing to be a healthy young woman. Although the academy itself being well known for academic results, it seems that absolutely nobody is even aware of this thing happening.

Hidden in what seems to be a female-only population, there are male students and staff in the academy. The Mizuho uniform temporarily transforms them into females in every aspect until it's removed outside the campus (which itself is a complicated process) when nobody is watching. Adapting is not a problem, but it does if they were asked for photos of themselves in Mizuho and, for students, where they had studied in as the school's full name (私立瑞穂女子専用学園) could cause problems for entering a non-Mizuho affiliated college or company as their student photos are femetized and, if their original names were male-only, a different name would be used in the school records. They were warned about this as early as during the interview. They can choose to not to have anything changed, but the only way out is to use the name of Mihara Academy (an affliated academy that I was in 6 years ago) or other special arrangements.

I wasn't paying attention to what I was running past as I was only concentrating on the way to get to my class. The design of the classroom is different than that of an average classroom, and, despite no visible heater or cooler, the temp There were still girls who came rushing into the classroom after me that seemed to have been wondering around for a long time.

My classmates were as quiet as it was back at the auditorium. Nobody spoke a word until the homeroom teacher came in about ten minutes after me. As the self-introduction session was going on, I came to realize that everyone had a pleasantly attractive voice and appearance without even trying to.

At some point in time, I felt a strong sensation from inside me that is too hard to ignore, but the uniform is tightly blocking access to my body from anything, including myself, since entering the campus that I can't do anything but to endure. At the same time, I could feel that my mind was being accessed, but nothing was changed. Everyone else, including the teacher, felt the same thing at the same time with obvious signs that they are aroused with difficulty speaking or doing anything. This lasted for an unusually long period of fifteen minutes, when my mental endurance reaches its peak.

When it ended, they behaved as though nothing happened or normal enough to not talk about it. What was that? Why am I the only one who noticed it?

Now that I had gotten over the panic of getting on time for class, I have noticed that, at least for the high school section, is unlike other schools. They have somehow managed to let natural light in from above despite the level being sandwiched with other levels. The room could be darken when necessary with ordinary switches that controls the levers and the lights. The lights are hidden and would only be turned on if there's not enough natural light entering the room. The writing board at the front is of something that does not have the problems that both chalk or marker boards have and you could use anything to write on it apparently. It's like a large colour electronic paper with very quick response rate and does not reflect external light.

Accommodation is optional and anyone could pick any unused room of at anytime and, depending on the room design, could be shared with up to a maximum of 4 people. Rooms in use would have a picture and name at the holder outside the room. Since the domotries are located within the campus, I don't know about the not being able to remove the uniform thing, or if people like Itsuki could sleep there with other girls. Surely there are social and health/hygiene issues with that. The things that involve me lately seems to defy physics and logic that I don't know how things work anymore. Sigh... What exactly am I doing here anyway again?

Chapter 15
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