Alternate Dimension (Part 90)

With so much changes to the human body, the education ministry has decided to withdraw biology from being taught in schools until the new features of the human body is understood, though a limited range of it is taught only for zoologist, botanist or doctor college courses. Basically anything non-human related, or on a need to know basis. They could have just taught those to everyone, but when people come across subjects on animal reproduction, a lot of people could ask why (the current reproduction system of) humans could only reproduce with man-made products, while animals, monkeys especially for being closely related to humans, could just mate naturally. Also raises the question of the absence of human males if taught that even experts do not have the answer to.

Because the transformations causes arousal on the sight of images of "hot men" that make people difficult to concentrate is also difficult to subdue one you see them, images featuring men are banned. Due to how widespread images of men appear, old articles should be difficult to access (but not destroyed), and subjects where mentioning men is unavoidable, like History, are also not taught at all.

People who saw them (accidental or those working on the censorship) told me that they were unable to make the feeling of arousal go away and have difficulty concentrating despite not looking at those images for extended periods since then. To recover, they had to keep touching their nipples until their arousal level reaches the peak, which is not an easy thing to do with clothes in the way that reappears 30 seconds after removing. On top of that, touching with clothes on or at other areas doesn't work. If you stop halfway, the arousal level will be permanently at where you stopped at and will not go down over time, but you can still continue to make it go higher where the peak could be reached, where it's the only possible way to make it drop at all.

The good news is that you won't leave a mess behind doing it, but your facial expression would easily say just how aroused you are, and you won't get aroused at all (or have it increased if you already are) if touched with clothes on, especially by other people. Mizuho students have the additional benefit of not needing to bother with this as it won't affect their concentration, nor is it reflected in their voice or facial expression, as the very clothes they wear (which itself can't be removed easily) handles that problem by itself.

As much as I would miss seeing what a male looks like, this is for the good of everyone's sanity. It would be best if people born from now on would not know about males as humans have "evolved" to become female-only that has been redesigned to not need males at all, but, the female instincts remained unchanged that does not reflect the significant changes to the female body. Since males are no longer needed, they are turned into females. (I don't know why, but that is what happened.) It's better for these new born people to not ever know about the existence of males than wanting something that is extinct. What I'm curious the most is how humans have evolved to only be able to reproduce with using a man-made syringe, containing substances that the human body can't produce except as part of an ingredient to produce it. The syringe is inserted through a tiny hole that looks as if designed for the syringe to fit into perfectly.

That's not all. This is the same hole where anything being ejected from the body from the inside has to squeeze through that, including childbirth. The bad news is that there is nothing there to trigger your arousal no matter how hard you try, though, Mizuho uniforms tells me that the arousal trigger has been moved to the inside. Nobody wants to insert a sharp needle (which is the largest object that could be inserted) into themselves, and trying to simulate (the now impossible) sex could result in injury if you are not careful, which is a difficult thing to do while trying to masturbate. Mizuho was able to achieve this as part of their body waste disposal system that is integrated as part of the uniform, so it's an automatic and hassle-free task for them (and also part of a mandatory daily masturbation thing whose timing is unpredictable). The good news is that your vomit and mucus would come out there instead of your mouth or nose, and you can't release anything unintentionally unless you are really using the toilet even though it may feel as if you were. You can hold it in forever, but storage capacity is finite and your body would be unable to process the food and drink you consume until the waste is removed. This means that you would need to check your bladder if you find yourself still feeling hungry or thirsty after consumption, though those unprocessed food and water would be processed when the waste has been cleared. If you had too much of those, they would literally come out of your mouth when you find yourself upside-down, even for a brief moment.

Speaking of automatically discharging waste, the technology seems to have graduated from being a Mizuho Academy-only thing to becoming a new version of the toilet for the general public all over. These look like tiny face mask at the tip of a thin flexible tube that is attached to the wall or the floor. You simply place the end of it around where your hole is and, other than waiting for it to be complete, you don't need to do anything else. You can leave it there even when it's complete so you won't need to plug it in again when the next one comes, which is useful if you eat and drink at your desk and not leave your desk for long periods of time. To others, you would look like a device charging itself. The big advantage of the new toilet is that you don't need a dedicated room for it, and save a lot on water and toilet paper. Probably also the cost saved over maintaining the old-fashioned toilet too.


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