Alternate Dimension (Part 38)

Person A: "We have only heard of your name as our founder and that you are at the Hatsuya Institute most of the time. That's all we know of you. No one here, including our employer and direct superiors, has seen you before. That particular design of your pass is only carried by important people in the company."

Is he serious?

Me: "How do you even know if I am the person you think I am? There aren't any photos of me in your company history, and you guys have never seen me before."

Person A: "Around the first time I saw you coming here, I saw lights and a silhouette of you against the window of the landlord's office facing the outside. That room is usually dark, and access to that room is only allowed with a thumbprint that nobody here has. On top of that, the pass is impossible to counterfeit despite how simple the pass looks. Yours is the real deal with a picture of you in it."

I should have turned off the lights. Then again, I don't know who walks past the outside or if there were attempts to enter my room.

Person A: "Excuse me, I have to go now."

Me: "Sure. If someone asks who I am and what I'm doing here, just say that I'm just a student of a nearby school visiting her divorced father who works here..."

This is obviously a lie.

Me: "... instead of what you found out who I am. If they said something about stopping me from coming again, show them this note from me as the founder. Don't say that the so-called schoolgirl visiting the father and the founder of the company are the same person, at least, not until I reveal it myself. I want to remain low-profile here. You can go now."

Person A: "Thank you Ms. Hisakawa. Please excuse me."

I took a closer look at my pass: I knew there was something different about my work pass, but me? Founded this company? I kind of know why I didn't show my face: my appearance, school and work. Nobody mentioned about it to me before as they don't know about it. The company seem to be able to run by itself without me, but since (they said that) I am the founder, I receive a large share of the money they make. I did not ask for it... Must be related to something i had been wishing for, but not really hope it would happen.

I should keep wearing that coat to prevent something like that from happening again. Just in case.


Here's what a typical day in the club is like before I would become the club president:

I am very prone to be asked by someone at anytime. Be it about helping their homework or something, meeting the teacher in the staff room, guys asking me out, and so on. Basically, the only time in school where I could hide without people calling me for something is at secluded areas or places where guys aren't allowed in. That reminds me: unlike my school in 2004, the rooftop is relatively easy to get to, so it's normal for the place to be crowded during lunch. There's a garden there too.

The clubroom is in a seperate building linked only by a covered bridge on the second floor and doors on the level directly below the bridge. I usually avoid going by the ground floor as it's sheltered only by the bridge.

Right next to the computer clubroom is the art club. From what I can see, they had done a lot of beautiful paintings. Sadly, it doesn't seem that there are not enough younger members to make up for the third years who are leaving next year, that is, if they don't recruit enough members within the first few weeks. The people standing outside my clubroom are my die-hard fans. Seriously, what's so great about me? You should have seen the crowd when I just joined: it was even crazier with the place looking as though a celebrity inside is having an autograph session.

Most of the time, there would be someone inside to greet me upon my arrival. Except for the folding tables and the long table at the front, all of the desks has a desktop computer on them. All of the computers have multiple operating systems installed. To encourage supporting various
platforms, the common OSes and programs are not of the default option. It wasn't my idea to implement this, but i would have done the same if I was in charge.

Of course, not everyday is about doing tasks. We do occasionally hang out together downtown and if they want to, conduct study groups. Since the latter is open to everyone, the place is mysteriously more crowded when I'm in it as compared to when I'm not (according to my club mates) or during the so-called "emergency members-only meeting". Since I'm the smartest, they are the ones who ask me for help.

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