453rd post: Things to do

Time seem to fly by rather quickly for me lately. 2006 seemed not too long ago, "Clannad: After" seemed recent, "K-On! ep1" seemed like yesterday. I still can recall what I did in primary school and what places looked like back then. I mean, looking back, time seem to pass by very quickly. I thought we are still in November 2008.

Well, the lack of significant events and doing things that pass time does make it seem fast. Last night, I had the intent to head to bed at 11pm, but did not actually do so until 3am, a full 4 hours later. I did take a nap of some hours earlier though.

I'm doing so many things, I'm loosing track of what I'm doing. I may revert back to the previous version for the anime watchlist (without episode titles) since finding the titles itself is time consuming. My room is noticeably messy, no appetite to eat...

Speaking of not doing much, I did do some vectoring, but they aren't complete.

On the left (v0079) is something you might seen me put up before, but with more things added. The right (v0090) is something I'm in the middle of doing right now. In case you didn't know, there are 443 images currently in the waiting list, not counting images that I had already removed. I just don't feel like doing them, and switch my priority to writing my stories.

Speaking of stories, here's an updated and slightly redone timeline of and earlier version post.

As the story progressed, I found it unnecessary to have a 3rd dimension that is similar to the 2nd dimension. I'm having trouble thinking of what to write for the 4th story, have already forgotten what happened in the 1st story. 2nd and 3rd story could still continue on easily since I already have planned events and both are closely linked to each other. You might have noticed a 3-year gap between the latest parts of those two.

Anyways, I would like to type more, but it's now time for me to sleep. I don't know why I need 9 hours of uninterupted sleep. Most people usually need only 6-7hours.


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