Alternate Dimension (Part 1)

In order for me to cover the expenses that I am seriously lacking, I started to work at a research company near the train station after school until late at night. The cost of the things I need is more than what my parents give me, and it seems to be rising. The school is an average high school that is located at one end of the city. Ironically, there is another school, an academy, just at the top of the same hill as my school. I'm so jealous that I'm not in it.

The company I work for is, except for external events, are not very particular on attire. They do, however, emphasized on safety. The company is located a short bike ride away from my home, which is a traditional-styled home. I have no siblings and both of my parents are working overseas for quite some time now, so, besides work, I would hang out with my favourite classmates from school, or doing my club activities.

One day, the company assigned me to work on something that are of sci-fi or futuristic kind: .......well I'm not sure what it is exactly or how it works, but it's the size of a wristwatch. The area where I'm working on this thing requires all staff, including temporary and part-timers, to have a pass with their name and a photo of them on it before entering for security reasons. After all, this place is full futuristic, untested, dangerous and sensitive things all over the place that they don't want people to sneak in and use it for evil purposes. I did manage to work here due to my great knowledge behind how these things work and via a recommendation by one of the top-level directors of the company after they saw me coming up at tops at a recent programming convention.

(continued on Part 1.1)

Wanting to finish the device and with permission from the director there (I can't believe he just said yes after looking at me just after stepping into his office), I brought it back home. My room is filled with several difficult books that a typical person would be unable to understand. The study desk, which is facing the window, has all my assignment books and notes on it. After some thinking and working on it for some time, I got tired and wore it at my wrist. Tomorrow will be a busy day, just like any other.


(continued from Part 1.1 / on Part 1.2)

I had a strange dream of a white light that made me position my legs back and my body leaning forward in the middle of whatever I was doing. It felt like I was really doing it, but it's just a dream, right? I one had a dream of falling of a building or cliff that felt real and woke up from it, but it turns out that I didn't even fall off the bed!

When I woke up, still feeling sleepy, I had noticed that the room that I am in now seems to be somewhat different from what I remember it to be. I seem to have difficulty getting up, but that could be because I am still feeling sleepy. Despite that, there don't seem to be any changes to my things, though neatly arranged at different locations in the room. The strange device I brought home last night is still on my wrist, but it seems to have been activated not too long ago. Besides that, everything around me seems to be a bit higher. The calendar clock is pointing to Saturday, May 14, the morning of the day after yesterday, which means that nothing is unusual about the time I'm in.

I got out of my room and noticed that my sense of balance is different. Instead of a corridor leading to the stairs and other rooms at that level, I found myself at one end of the living room. The place seems to be a large apartment ("mansion" in my native language for some reason) that is located in the opposite direction of where I would head home from work. In the living room, there appears to have a lot of expensive-looking furniture and fixtures judging by the design. At one side of the wall, I noticed that there is a photo frame hung there of my parents and an unknown girl (one of the cutest I have ever seen), who looked like it might be their daughter, smiling together. "Who is that girl?” I thought to myself as I looked at it. I looked through the cabinet beneath the photo frame for some clues. All the photo albums in there had that girl instead of me in it too. However, I find that the places they were taken in quite familiar. I never had any siblings before and the stuff in the room I woke up in is definitely mine, so what's going on here?

Looking at the time, it seems that I would be late for school if I don't hurry, even though it's a half-day being a Saturday. I tried to prepare my uniform, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the house. I did however, found several sets of female uniforms of the school that I was so jealous of. In fact, this closet is the only thing that contains clothes and shoes that are not mine. I don't know who these belongs to, or how it got into my room, but I have no time to think. I had a quick breakfast and then proceed on to freshen up my face and decided to have a shower instead of taking a bath. I usually never look at myself in the mirror as I don't like the way I look.

As I start to remove my clothes, I realized that had been wearing my work pass and the device from yesterday, before placing those aside. However, that was when I noticed that the shape of my body is now somewhat different: I have two round things sticking out of my chest large enough occupy the palm of both my hands, and felt it being touched as I did so. They were soft and were as warm as the rest of my body. I also had an opening of some sort instead of a rod. I went to have a look of myself at the mirror to confirm this. Instead of my face, I saw the face of the girl of the photos from earlier being reflected in the mirror. I moved my body about a bit, and the girl in the reflection did the exact same action as me at the exact same time. I arrived at the conclusion that the girl in the reflection is me. Out of shock, I screamed loudly. My voice is completely different too, that, if I wasn't screaming, would sound sweet.

As I uncomfortably took a shower, I questioned myself why this is happening to me. Why is this happening to me? Well, the changes that had happened to me are of my deepest desires, but I never thought that it would actually happen! I am somewhat happy that this happened, though nervous at the same time.

Back in my room after taking a shower, I wore the underwear and the uniform I saw earlier. It felt awkward as my private parts are now completely different and more sensitive that just putting them on would make me blush. Putting any kind of clothes on, would now mean that they would touch and take up the shape of my breasts at the upper part and is impossible to hide them and taking clothes on and off more troublesome. The insides of the clothes feels very smooth, including my socks, which reaches around knee level.

I looked at the mirror when I was done. It was so hard to believe that the pretty girl in her nice-looking high school uniform reflected in the mirror is me that I feel that I am attracted to her, but the idea of being attracted by myself sounds silly.

Without thinking, I had breakfast, freshen up myself and searched for the uniform in my room, which I found hung in a corner.

Rushing for time, I grabbed whatever was lying on the study desk and put it into my bag. I wore my shoes and proceeded to close the door. As I closed the front door, I saw "久川" (Hisakawa), my family name, at the door. At least this and the photos of my parents have confirmed that this is my current house. The corridor I'm in now had other doors identical to my front door and it appears that I am at one of the upper floors of the apartment. I found the elevator located near the staircase at the middle that is nicely decorated. The idea of taking the elevator to get out or into my house is alien to me, but that is partly because I rarely ever use the elevator.

(continued from Part 1.2)

I spotted my bike at the bicycle parking lot at the foot of my apartment and cycled to the train station.

As I found a seat on the train (the seats were softer than what I thought it was), I thought to myself that the device that I was working on last night could be causing the chaos I'm facing now. It's like I'm in an alternate dimension where something different had happened earlier, but everything, except for the things relating to me, seems to remain mostly the same. I wonder why.

Come to think of it, exactly what class am I in that school? I looked through my bag for any assignment books. I found one and it says that I'm in class 2B (2年B組), but next to it, the name "久川沙江子" (Saeko Hisakawa) in my handwriting is there too. I was shocked when I saw that name. That is undeniably completely different from the name I'm used to. What happened to me last night? I think I should drop by my workplace later.

Not wanting to think much about it until later on, I got off at the station near the school and headed towards there. I had been to the school at least once during their Cultural Festival (文化祭) held after the summer holidays, so I would know where it is. Not sure if it actually happened, but I have the feeling that there were several guys I had walked past looking at me from behind.

When I saw the place, I was amazed as to how big the place is big. There is still some time left before lessons starts. When I found the classroom, people inside whom I don't know were happily waving at me as though they know me well. At least I know that this is the right place.

"Good morning!"

Not wanting to be rude, I replied back to them. This was the first time today that I actually said anything legible words to anyone, so instead of my usual voice, a sweet female voice came out of my mouth. I was not expecting this kind of voice to come from myself, but I was expecting my voice to be different, so this actually a pleasant surprise. I tried hard not to let others know about my amazement to this.

The sitting arrangement is posted on the notice board at the back and is filled with unfamiliar names. I couldn't find my name at first, but there was no one else with the Hisakawa family name.

Lessons seemed to be somewhat more difficult than when I was at the other school, but was somewhat able to understand it well. Most of the time, teachers would ask me to read what was in the textbook. Am I their favorite student?

At the end of school, I wanted to familiarize myself with the place before I head to work and hope that they know it's me. As I was about to leave the classroom, a girl by the name of Nagisa Sasagawa (笹川渚) approached me asking if I would visit a classmate of ours, who has been hospitalized since February, later on. I declined, saying that I have urgent matters at work later on. She appears to be disappointed with my reply and left the class with two other guys who appear to know her very well.

I found the library which is located at one of the corners of the school campus, near a traffic intersection of a town outside the city. It's so big that it's in a separate building and is open to the public. I have been here before, but I didn't know it was part of the school back then.

Waiting for the time to head to work, I read the newspaper and see if yesterday's and news from earlier are different.

Well, everything appears appear to be the same, from the headlines, TV schedule, to the sports news. Let's see about today's:
  • "With Apple Inc.'s new iPhone releasing here soon, experience of using mobile phones have reach a new high!"
  • "Housing crisis in America has caused many people to lose their jobs and financial companies such as Lehman Brothers to file for bankruptcy."
  • "North Korea is threatening to ***** if they are not removed from the ***** watch list."
  • "*****, aged **, has died in an accident last night involving a taxi and a speeding truck in Singapore. Police are investigating the case."
  • "***** is hoping to win a few medals at the upcoming Olympics for the nation"
  • "***** the journalist exploring Egypt. 'I'm having a fun time here!'"
  • "An earthquake measuring 3.5 happened in several areas of Japan yesterday. No injuries or damages were reported."
Hmm, nothing interesting in here. Looks like it's time for me to head to work!

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