getting colder

Apart from new anime, the start of autumn around this time would mean that the end of the year is just about 3 months away.

The weather is also colder, but not as cold as winter. Apart from rainy days, the summer weather is almost unfavorable, which makes autumn (and spring) the best time of the year to wear comfortable clothing without freezing or sweating.

Looking back, time seemed to have passed by quite fast. It seems that not too long ago, I graduated from primary school (小学校) and now that my teenage years are quickly coming to an end.

It's like not long ago, I was a child who knew little about anything and would believe in anything. Now I have suddenly grown big and know a lot more. When looking back at old photos of myself and compare to those taken recently or looking in the mirror, I would say that I would look different now, but I would sometimes ask myself if the person I'm seeing in the mirror really is me as, as I said earlier, time seemed to have flew by in a flash.

There doesn't really seem to be anything interesting to watch around the time I am typing this.


Adrian Monk said…
Oh, are you an teenager? I don't know about your age.
Anyway, if it is your own posting, I think your English writing is very good.

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