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Chasing After Rainbows: 4 vectors done this week

10 October 2008

4 vectors done this week

If you have been paying close attention to one of my blogs, or the "My Drawings"/"自作絵" section of my main and anime blogs, you would notice that for this week I had done a record of 4 vectors. on top of that 3 of them are made the day after one another. Maybe it was out of boredom: I had played the same games a lot of times that I got bored of it, watching anime lacks the interaction element (visual novel does, but very minimal).

I have already done a total of 25 vectors, 4 of which are rejected, and there are another 21 on the waiting list, though I may not use those at all and the ones I use may not even be on the waiting list at all. There may be more for those before July 2008, but I can't seem to locate the originals. Anyways, here they are:
(click to enlarge)

Note: If you were to look at the 2nd from the right at a distance, it would look like a photo.

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