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Chasing After Rainbows: Accidental Discovery

22 October 2008

Accidental Discovery

The technology blog was the placeholder for creating new blog layouts before it was applied to another blog it was intended for. It was chosen because it had the least amount of widgets added.

Not too long ago, I used it to create a layout to look identical to the one I'm replacing at a blog as that has a lot of problems that I can't fix since I created it a month ago.

After I was done with the replacing, I decided to fool around with stuff, picking random colours, images that had been "gathering dust" on the image server and hard disk. As it turns out, it actually looks quite nice, even nicer than all my other blogs. In fact, I'm thinking of using this at more places.

Here are some screenshots of this blog I had taken some time ago before I made changes that made it look horrible:

This format is still being used on my Japanese anime blog, though images had changes. Header image is used at the URL mentioned.

Taken earlier. Same as above but with the sides switched. The font used however, is not something everyone would have though.

I have a feeling that I am doing too many things without realizing it.

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