An Unexpected Wish (Part 1)

Heavy rain poured onto a building where the funeral of a couple and their son takes place. A young lady in a black dress was seen crying a lot in front of the portraits of the deceased. This is Nanami Fujibayashi (藤林 菜々実), their daughter, whose immediate family was killed by a robber. Relatives and friends of any members of the Fujibayashi family paid their last respects to them and offer support for the sole living person in the family. It's hard enough to have someone close to pass on, but a lot harder to have one's entire family to be killed because of someone else's greed.

It was barely a week ago that she came home quite late because of club activities. Nanami was walking along the dimly lit road that leads to her house. As she reached home, she finds that the house is unusually dark and that the front gate and door were wide open. She called her parents to check if everyone had left in a hurry earlier in the afternoon. But when she called, she heard all of their mobile phones ringing from inside the dark house with nobody answering. Normally, if one of them had forgotten to bring their phone, the rest would have brought along. Nanami didn't think that they were going to anywhere today except to work.

As Nanami sensed that something is wrong, but is afraid of the dark, she called some of her neighbors to come along with her with a torchlight. Before entering the main door leading into darkness, they shouted loudly just to make sure. To no avail, there was no response. Nanami switched on the lights, and, to her horror, she found dead bodies of her family with clothes drenched in their blood. The neighbors soon called the police. Nanami was at a loss of words as to what to do.

The police cordoned off the house as they investigate the entire house for evidence as to the cause of death and clues that would lead to the suspect. During that time, she stayed with one of her neighbors.

With some investigations, eyewitnesses and autopsy reports later, they came up with a possible solution: Not long after Nanami left the house for school that day, a strange man randomly chose the Fujibayashi household to break into. However, not long after entering via the second floor, Nanami's brother spotted him stealing things in the parents' bedroom. He then went down to alert mom and dad in the kitchen, but the burglar quickly stabbed Nanami's brother multiple times at the stairs before attacking the other two people in the kitchen. He ran out through the front door in a hurry. All of this happened in broad daylight. This report was published in the newspapers nationwide on the following day, when the funeral would begin.

After the funeral, Nanami's relatives offered her to stay with them, but their house is at Hyogo Prefecture, and the Fujibayashi household is in the Kanagawa Prefecture, far enough for her to change schools. Nanami has already made a lot of friends, and has been living there all her life. Moving there would mean making new friends that may not understand as well as her existing ones, and have to adjust with a lot of new things on top of the stress with studying in high school. As Nanami is now the only living person in the household, and that no will was written, she now inherits everything from them. As she don't foresee obtaining a driving licence in the near future, she decides to sell off the family car and her brother's motorbike with the help of the others. Assuming that she uses the total amount of money gained from the inheritance only for daily necessities, it would be enough to last for several years without working, even after completing college.

As Nanami walks out of the house to hang dry the washed clothes, she walks past a photo frame hung up on the wall of the living room. The photo consists of her family, grandmother, and extended family members Nanami knows very little of. The photo was taken at a park during the Hanami season at the beginning of spring 6 years ago. Nanami is puzzled as to why her uncle's grandchildren living in Hyogo are about the same age as her. Since she was still a child back then, she only remembers the place, drunken adults, and that she was playing with someone who has the same family name as Nanami's grandmother, someone called Izumi Miyazawa (宮沢 泉美).

Nowadays, Nanami is never seen without a gloomy face. Having jokes with her does make her smile, but it lasts for only for a while. Even swimming lessons for physical education in the summer she was so eagerly looking for before, had her sitting by the poolside as she watches everyone playing.

"Fujibayashi-san? What's wrong?", said a guy's voice from behind.

Nanami knew that the voice belonged to one of her classmates, Yuichi Takizawa (滝沢 由一), but did not respond. In fact, it was hard to tell if Nanami was even listening. Yuichi is known for being able to cheer people up completely from things like failing exams, but doesn't know how to cheer someone who has three of their family members murdered recently like what happened to Nanami. Yuichi scratches his head, figuring out how to get her back to what she was before.

"Fujibayashi-san, shall we go swim...", he said to Nanami as he was about to hold her hand when another classmate, Misae Tamura (田村 三佐枝), pushes the both of them into the pool.

"Tamura-san! What are you doing?", said Yuichi as he reached to the surface of the water.

"Ah~ Takizawa-kun... I thought you two were about to enter the pool. I was only helping~"

"Can't you at least see how depressed Fujibayashi-san from the recent death of her entire family? Fujibayashi-san? Fujibayashi-san??!!"

Nanami is now sinking towards the bottom of the pool, but knows that it was Misae that pushed her. However, her depression made her not care that she's drowning.

Nanami blacked out.

日本語版 | Part 2


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