An Unexpected Wish (Part 2)

Nanami found herself to be at the amusement park she remembers going to when she was 4. She saw her parents and brother in the distance. They looked younger than the last she saw them. As Nanami missed her family a lot, she ran and called them. Nanami noticed that her body was that of a young child, so everything seemed large. She tried to walk the way she's used to, but wasn't able to and fell down as she tried to. She's puzzled as to what was going on: she remembers that she was at the pool in her high school not too long ago.

As she struggled to get closer, she saw a rocket from the clear blue sky heading towards the amusement park. A large explosion from the roller coasters soon followed and the whole place became dark with fire and explosions everywhere. People were running and screaming and structures collapsing. The fire now separates Nanami from her family. Before the fire got bigger, her mother said that has continued on the Fujibayashi family and asks not to worry about the family.

Nanami did not understand what her mother was saying. She desperately kept calling for her mother as the flames now completely surround Nanami. As Nanami tries desperately to call her mother for help, an unseen force was desperately shaking her and a voice from the sky fading in. Nanami is puzzled as to where the force is coming from as the ground is not shaking.

"Fujibayashi-san! Wake up! Wake up!" said a familiar voice.

Nanami thought that the heavens are calling her, but the words she heard wasn't what she was expecting and seemed out of place. Her vision of the amusement park on fire soon turned into the infirmary with Misae holding her.

After Nanami was pushed into the pool, Yuichi rescued her, performed the CPR, and brought her to the infirmary. Misae felt bad about what she had done to Nanami and apologized. Misae just wanted to cheer Nanami up.

"Where's Takizawa-kun?", Nanami said as she looked abound for Yuichi.

"He said he has cram school today. Why?"

Nanami was disappointed that Yuichi wasn't around, but soon blushed with shock.

"Fujibayashi-san? What's wrong?"

"If he had done CPR on me, doesn't that mean that he... he...", Nanami stuttered nervously and whispered the rest of the words to Misae. Misae gasped when she heard it.

Their conversation was interrupted by their teacher who came in to check on Nanami.

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