408th post: Firefox 3.5

Video requires a browser that supports HTML 5:

Besides that, I have yet to play around with it to tell what it's like, but it's performs beyond expectations. Maybe because I added more stuff then when I was using the beta and release candidate versions.

The only problem is that it uses about 470k+ of memory unlike the previous version at 350k+, at least, with the plug-ins I have installed. Such a memory eater... Since I have 2.5GB of RAM and is not fully utilized, it actually runs smoothly and a lot faster than the earlier version.

I use Firefox as my primary browser, but I do use Chrome on slow PCs, Safari if I don't like the way Windows renders text and as a standards-compliant reference since Safari 4 passes the Acid3 test at 100. For backward compatibility (or just want to know how horrible the page is rendered), I would use Internet Explorer 6-8 too. I do use Opera on mobile devices, as a USB-installed browser, or as a non-Firefox browser in Linux. In case you were wondering, the ages of my computers that are still working ranges from 1.5 to 11 years. The oldest had Windows 95 on, so for the sake of compatibility with today's programs, I installed Windows XP and added drives, and up to 384MB of RAM (from PCs that were faulty). Even with that, it is still slow.

Since I'm talking about Firefox 3.5 now, that obviously means that it's already out now.

Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing for this post:
(forgive me for the LOLFace persona skin: I have yet to explore more of it.)

The special thing over plugins is that this works out of the box and embed it like an image. Same goes to saving it and copying the URL of the video by just right clicking like the above image illustrates.

Here's a YouTube version of the video if you can't load the above:


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