Alternate Dimension (Part 58)

As though it was because of Takuya's happiness he didn't show to me, the cherry blossom trees started blooming the following day. Though my view of how the company runs is no different than that of a newbie, I don't want staff to know that. Neither do I want to be deceived by the possible cover-up by the supervisors either. If I were to announce my arrival to check on things, everyone would hide stuff from me (as someone important) and be unnaturally formal. How much things they could hide from me depends on how far in advance the notice was given, and how frequent I do it, which might give them the ability to predict if there was a pattern. Seriously, the more important a person is, the more others would hide things from them, unless they don't know that. The chief executive officer is the one who oversees the company on a daily basis, while I can just hide somewhere to the point that I'm forgotten, but, if I want to, override his command without warning as I have the highest authority over the company. Some of the reasons I've checked on why people would work for the Powell over Hatsuya institute (while in disguise as a random visitor) include more employee benefits, office environments that would make them feel comfortable (like the step-into-the-past design look for the elderly staff when I was talking about lift lobby designs some time ago), colleagues they could get along well, and some other things against how Hatsuya is run. This somewhat explains why the Human Resources department doesn't want to employ those who had worked there as they could be "infected", or spies, though they don't know that I myself work for them too. What exactly am I now? The big boss of the Powell institute? A Hatsuya institute employee? An upcoming 1st year Mizuho student? A perfected android that you can't tell apart from a real human? One thing's for sure is that I know that I am me, and the situation I'm in now from my point of view was completely different from 5 years ago. Me being a founder of a company and an employee of their rival company at the same time is disturbing.

Speaking about being employed, I feel bad about the interview yesterday between me and Takuya. Not only did I let him skip through the difficult interview process the company is infamous for by the HR department, I did not inform him of the job positions available prior to the interview, and the shocking revelation of me being the same person as his club president of the high school he just graduated from. Just to be sure, I waited for him outside on his first day to check with him if he wants to change his mind. According to records from the hospital department, Takuya has been here several times before for a minor illness. Looking at his address, it seems that he also has to walk past the main entrance in order to reach the train station.

Takuya: "Ah, Hisakawa-senpai. Good morning! I thought that I had the weirdest dream of having already graduated from high school and you hiring me to work here at the Powell institute that I actually came dressed in work attire."

Me: "Me too. I don't know what I'm doing here, or why do I have passes for the both of us. Mine seem oddly different from the people who work here."

Takuya stared intensely at the pass that had my photo.

Me: "Sorry, I was playing with you. I really am the big boss here, though, not by the current me. I personally don't feel comfortable being formal with people whom I've first met outside work. It's more of me waking up one day to find myself the founder of a previously non-existent company. Seriously, please do not boast around about how informal you can be with me to anyone else. If you have any questions about anything, including myself, let me know, though I would only be in my office after office hours most of the time since I would be busy with Hatsuya-related things most of the time."

Takuya: "You are spying on them? Everyone is saying that Powell has a strong rivalry with them."

I made sure that there wasn't anyone in the hearing range of us before continuing.

Me: "Well, don't tell anyone else about it, but I'm actually working for them. It's a long story about how it happened. Anyway, do you have a change of mind since the interview? You could tell me about it anytime. In the meantime, a staff inside will bring you around the place. If the next time we meet has people around, don't expect me to give you this level of informality."

That's about it really. I don't get to see much of him since then as he didn't contact me and my focus is now more towards my time in Mizuho, on top of the unpredictability of Kotomi's return from her college studies in America as she said she would be on the way back just before boarding the plane back home there. I have been assigned a dormitory room in Mizuho, but I'm not sure if I will be staying there. Maybe just to see how the strict uniform attire requirements has an effect of staying over there without gong out for a few days.

About that hospital department I mentioned earlier, it would be at the most obvious building visible from the main entrance, where I was talking to Takuya at, for patients arriving in emergency ambulances. Standard is quite high compared to other hospitals in almost every aspect, including how quick a patient is attended to and ensure that the staff are not too stressed out and avoid mistakes that other hospitals do, like getting greed in the way. The plus factor about the rooms are, despite the design and service being better than most other hospitals, the rates are actually quite affordable, even to the less well off families. This is possible because it's offset from profits from other departments and donations by many people, particularly schools, companies, and people living nearby. Well known people would be given low profile treatment and only allow close relatives and friends to meet them. If they are known by a particular name, like an alias, the real name would be used. If that's not possible, the name of the previous patient that used the room, or the doctor/nurse that takes care of the patient. None of the rooms have their pictures outside. It creeps me out that I am involved with it's high credibility.

When I felt like it, I would just wonder around places that are, at most, an hour away of where I would be staying that day, which varies a lot depending on the mode of travel. Places that I would feel cozy would be Itsuki's place and the hidden area behind my office at Powell, though the penthouse apartment not far from Itsuki's place seem to be the primary place for me as it has photos of my parents and has the most things that looked as though they are mine: there are notebooks and forms in my handwriting or, while holding things, it feels as though I have touched it several times earlier. It's scary to see things I didn't write in my handwriting. I wished that my parents would stay here with me, but they seem attached to their current house and still treat me like a guest instead of their child.

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