Disorientated Feelings (Part 32)

Like at dinner, I did not dare to ask the question on my mind about the video footage my husband just showed me.

Daisuke: "Kuniko-chan... I didn't know your family was this big..."

Kuniko: "Me too. With my oldest sister born before my parents are married and that brother I talked about earlier, my own family seems strange and mysterious. Except for mom and I, everyone seems to have inherited the foreign look that originated from my great-grandfather on dad's side..."

The mysterious past of me and my parents when I was born: why did my parent had me before they were married? They were barely graduated from high school at that time. What did uncle did to me shortly after I was born that is enough for dad to treat me like a mutated child that he doesn't want to look at? Kuniko seems the only one who didn't inherit the foreign-like appearance from dad and, behavior-wise, almost as normal as Izumi and most girls. She was supposedly one of the three children (the other two being me and Kousei) whom uncle has done something to at birth. Her beauty and intelligence is scarily comparable to Saeko.

Speaking of Saeko, she has a life besides taking care of my children, and multiple houses and businesses to take care of that I can't see how she could manage so many things and still have time for me.
She goes in and out of the house as she likes without warning, and even leaves her car at our house for my husband to use, though I have a car of my own. I don't mind saying what I wanted to say to my husband in front of Saeko, but not my children. I have to wait to send them to sleep after bedtime before I could talk about it.

Me: "Dear, about that video you showed me at my parent's house... What was that about? You just abruptly showed it to me without explaining. With what I saw myself and the video footage, it seems that you were that girl in a Mizuho office uniform that tried to enter our house in front of me, but that can't be true, right? I mean, she was very much of a young lady in appearance and behavior to be you, not to mention that she was shorter."

Itsuki showed some hesitation on this question.

Itsuki: "I need to tell you that I didn't want it, but I was sent to work in the Mizuho Girls' Academy since 2009 for what happened to Saeko in Hong Kong that year or some unrelated reason. They said that I had let "a valued product of the company" that I'm responsible for to get damaged. I didn't think that it would be posted there permanently until I noticed that I was here longer than the previous branch."

I don't see how all of that is related, and the footage in our room where the camera is facing the wall, and the sound I heard is oddly suspicious.

Me: "So... what are you trying to say? You are having an affair with that girl?"

Itsuki: "No, I was that Mizuho girl."

I was shocked. I didn't know what to say.

Me: "...w- what?!"

Itsuki: "There's some kind of magic in the Mizuho uniforms that turns anyone who wears it into an elegant young woman, which has to be worn upon stepping in and no way to remove it until at a quiet place outside the campus. Because of Saeko and my job qualifications, transferring out or quitting is not an option for me either. Saeko's eyes and ears are like remote cameras and microphones for upper ups to check what I'm doing."


Itsuki: "You still won't believe me? Well, I suppose I could show you what happens to me while wearing the uniform, but I wouldn't be able to change back until... well, I can't tell you..."

Itsuki took out that Mizuho uniform from earlier and wore it. I'm not going into detail, but I saw my husband transforming into an older version of Saeko. I mean, it's an optical illusion, right?

Except it's not. There wasn't even any evidence left on Itsuki's current form of being a man just a while ago. I'm speechless.

Itsuki: "Somehow, I don't feel uncomfortable and could think seriously when I'm like this. I don't know if your uncle is punishing me for the misery I gave to Saeko, or helping me to get rid of my perverted male thoughts from getting in the way of concentrating, I noticed that my performance has improved. Although, as I said earlier... I... can't..."

Itsuki had fallen asleep at that point. The appearance of a beautiful office lady sleeping next to me for a husband is setting confusion for me as the wife. My husband remained in that same form when I woke up. I don't know if I should be angry for hiding this secret for a long time, but it's my crazy uncle (mother's older brother to be specific) as his immediate supervisor that is behind this forced transformation to anyone who enters the campus where my husband has been assigned to work at. For a long time, I thought the female clothes that are not mine, or too big to belong to my children, to be belonging to Saeko instead and it didn't come across my mind that it belongs to my husband instead.

Saeko usually comes here when she's feeling lonely or sad. Saeko was a derivative of my husband, but is a victim of forced immortality, her will being violated frequently, and had went through several occasions of horror. She doesn't know what to do with her life if she can't die or merge back with my husband. Her body is also like a supercomputer where it would help her with things if she doesn't know what is being expected or how to achieve it, and yet make it look like she always know what she's doing. Her unassisted knowledge is of the same level as my husband, but with it, she's seem far smarter than anyone I know of. Saeko told me herself that she doesn't know a thing about history, but could score tops in the entire school when she was in Mizuho, which itself is considered a top school.

The town our house is in at the time we moved in had a lot of construction around. There are a few older buildings, but the oldest was made only a quarter of a century earlier. I wonder if there was an earthquake here that destroyed the old buildings, leaving those concrete ones standing, or were they built at an obscure place at that time? As for the house itself, we checked the schools our children might go to that are within, at most, an hour by public transport, nearby shopping places, and other facilities. I could say that my time is different from my parents as there are many things now that didn't exist back then. The train station that serves our town is quite new too, and the town's population is made up of only young parents and young children. No sign of teenagers or aged people around either.

Saeko, who is earning money far quicker than she could spend, helped to pay for our house in full. Initially, she offered us to move into one of the many houses she owns, but I don't want my children to be spoilt too, and I don't feel comfortable in large rooms with high celings. Itsuki, Saeko, and I hold top positions at where we work, but none of us were expecting to be promoted to any higher than the senior title during our employment there when we applied. I don't know what is so special about the three of us that stands out from everyone else. As for the cost of each house Saeko owns in the market, a similar one would cost several times more than the house I'm living in now. Some of them are in prime locations of major cities around the world. An average person would only willingly pay for an area only as big as the size of the bathroom of my parent's house, but her properties in these locations are huge! Saeko would sometimes tag along with me when she needs a break from studying or taking care of my children and invites me to stay at her place there instead of forking out money for a hotel.

Saeko is using her money to pay for the large things I want to buy myself, but doesn't want me to pay her back either. The only time she lets me use my own money is when she's not around or to buy "small things". I don't know what she meant by that as she didn't ask me to use her money when we bought the family computer, but would pay for my airline ticket and virtual goods that costs less than the computer in question.

My job involves traveling to places all over the world and my colleges think that I'm having fun with business-class travel and high class accommodation but fatigue builds up in me over long travel, last minute changes, and rushing to locations. On top of that, I have dress and speak professionally, and come up with what to present for the meeting, with a backup plan should my plan go wrong. It's hard to not have my face telling me what's going on in my mind, especially when it's full of worry and being informed of things not relating to the meeting that's making me worried. An example was that Saeko called me just before a meeting with a company to tell me that one of my children has fallen quite ill. I know I should take care of my child as a parent, but don't tell me that right before a meeting: I get too worried to even think properly. It's hard to calm myself down already, and adding things to my stress level is making me feel worse.

In the Hatsuya institute, only a certain unknown group of people, including my uncle, knows what its branches does. Except headquarters and maybe another nearby branches, the top-level management does not know what other branches does. My branch is involved with the investigation of the company's rival. They used Saeko as a bait to catch them red-handed based on suspicion of their employees were killed by someone linked to that company, as she's the only employee who can't die even if you cut her into pieces. Saeko was already a victim of their attacks spins to this event. The company was forced to dissolve by the law enforcement, but Saeko being attacked again means that the mastermind is still at large and likely to be overseas. I would probably still have the same job and be involved in this even if I had not met my current husband and his female clone, but the current outcome might have been different as that rival company made it hard to have evidence pointing to them as most of their victims are killed. The dead can't tell us what happened to them, so Saeko is valuable for criminal and medical researches. That's why she's being paid a lot of money.

Another company that sees us as their rival is a relatively young, but big, company is the Powell Institute. They have a lot of smart people working there, have nicer looking place to work in, and quite well known by a lot of people. Even though the company is currently about the same level as Hatsuya and doesn't want people who had worked there previously, we don't see them as a big deal. The founder of that company is, surprisingly, the same Saeko mentioned earlier. She could give absolute order to Powell staff, but she very rarely does this, let alone let her presence there known as she would usually be in a disguise or working with vs. The staff are not aware their own founder is working with a major rival of theirs.

Back to that other rival company, I was still in university when they were brought down, so I don't know anything more than I was told, but investigators found many relatively unknown things they made. Data recovery was quite tricky as just turning it on or opening it up over there could automatically delete data helpful to the investigations, or worse, cause something to happen somewhere. So that means that we can't even the computers and do it there. There hasn't been much progress due to lack of manpower and getting around there is like a maze as getting to an area of a particular floor requires using the elevator of an another random level, which does not stop anywhere near the ground level.

Just how big is this place?

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