Losing Identity (Part 16)

The reunion of the Hisakawa twins was short-lived as their minds were swapped around again. Even they themselves were confused on who they were as both could remember events that either one had done before it happened. I don't know who's who, but seeing that both twins could communicate and are able to move, I'm guessing that the disabilities that Mamiko had has been cured now.

Saeko: "We could control each other and know what the other is thinking now but..."

Mamiko: "...why are we both still in separate bodies?! It's mentally exhausting and..."

Saeko: "...confusing for me to control two different bodies at the same time! Am I Saeko or Mamiko? I have memories of both sides since I was cloned, but my body is missing the irremovable swimsuit, so that means I'm definitely Saeko. Am I?"

Me: "Wow, that is confusing. Well, since you two have memories of each other and know which body you are in now, why not let the part of your mind that is familiar with the body you are in take over?"

Mamiko: "That can be kind of tricky..."

Me: I'm going to ask the both of you a question that you two must answer immediately.

Being Saeko's childhood friend, I am familiar with her family. I don't know what to ask as the one on my mind isn't exactly helpful as they are both likely to give the same answer. Maybe I would be able to think of it after I say it.

Me: "When does your father returns to his home from work?"

Mamiko: "Midnight!"

Saeko: "Every Christmas!"

The answer Saeko gave is the correct answer, but Mamiko's answer is completely different.

Me: "Name any song you played on the piano at the last piano competition."

Saeko: "Bach Piano Concerto No 1 in D minor BWV 1052 Movement 1"

Mamiko: "Err, an emotional rendition of Hare Hare Yukai?"

Mamiko stuttered and gave the title of an anime ending song. That's obviously wrong. Why is Mamiko struggling to answer her own personal past while Saeko could answer it easily and correctly? Something is fishy here.

Me: "Let's try something more recent... What were you doing before you two got separated in the first place?"

Saeko & Mamiko: "Stalking you."

I asked that without knowing what the answer would be, but to get that answer?! Why? However, this seems to be the only question both had given the same answer to. I had also asked to describe what their house before the current one looks like, and they both gave the same description.

Me: "Around the day my friend got killed in a car accident?"

Saeko: "Wondering why I was behaving as though I was suddenly unfamiliar with my own school friends, and getting around my own house fells like I'm quite new to everything."

Mamiko: "Getting used to the lifestyle of the female version of myself I suddenly found myself in that is so different from what I'm used to."

Now that's very obvious.

Me: "Mamiko... There's something odd about you..."

Saeko: "Yeah..."

Mamiko: "Sorry, but it happened so suddenly. I know you feel disturbed about a boy controlling your body, but I woke up one day to find myself in your body while working on a dimension changer, and you happen to be the me of this dimension who happens to be born as a girl instead of a boy."

Me: "I think the machine that was supposed to merge you two back has detected that there are two different minds. So technically, your minds have been merged from the cloned body and Saeko is now back to her own body. However, since there is an extra mind, it decided to move that mind to the body of the former clone that would have otherwise been destroyed if it weren't for the extra mind it detected, and that mind be without a body or even disappeared into the void."

Mamiko: "So it was either be in my current body, or me disappearing into the nothingness. I would rather be in this body and not die. I don't even belong to this dimension and I want to get back to the dimension I belong to!"

As Mamiko was saying that, there was a quick flash of green light, though quick enough to miss if you blinked. Don't tell me Mamiko would actually be stuck in that body and not be able to die even if she did manage to get back to her original dimension... I think her being stuck in that clone body would cause chaos in her world when she returns if there isn't already a counterpart there.

I don't think I would ever know when that happens, would I? It's suffering when when someone a person knows has grown old and died. Even more so when they want to stop living, but with some mysterious force is forcing them to keep living. However, what would happenen to Saeko when Maiko disappears from this dimension?

Well, it didn't take me long to find that out.

Chapter 8
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[Author's note: After watching the 2011 K-On! movie, I started to have thoughts about writing something about graduation. However, looking at S2P86 and S3P49, the latest story I wrote at the time of writing, I don't see how I could fit the graduation idea in there and yet express the feelings I felt while watching the K-On! movie to the readers. I could put the idea in either story 4 or 6, which are neither active nor have ended, but the storyline of those aren't developed enough to suddenly put the ending there.

I feel that graduation ceremonies should be put at the end of a school-based story. Trying to recall what I had wrote (which dates back to 4 years ago), the first story (which had ended abruptly at part 15 in April 2009) seems to be the best candidate to put this in without editing or a long/abrupt new one.

Since writing part 15, a number of new names have been added, particularly ones used in this story that were nameless in earlier parts, like Hatsuya Research and Mihara Academy.]


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