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Chasing After Rainbows: 616th post: Watch that meter reading

17 July 2012

616th post: Watch that meter reading

Ever wonder why your electricity bill is high, but yet can't pint point to where the energy drainer appliance is at?

Well, look at the meter reader for the electricity outside. Depending on the place, it may be inside a box or mounted on the wall next to the main entrance, and the meter itself might be grouped together with that for other units.

For analog reader, look at the spinning disc below the counter and determine how long it takes to go around in a full circle (there's a black making to help you see), so the quicker it's spinning, the more electricity is consumed. For digital readers, that disc is not there, so you need a stopwatch to measure how long it takes for the counter to go up (which is time consuming) by one count. In both cases, a quicker time means more electricity is being used.

With the above, first measure under normal usage. Then measure again after turning off appliances that are in standby mode or not in use, including radios and clocks that run from the wall socket. You should be able to see a noticeable change.

What did I do? Well I noticed that there isn't much difference when I turn off (one of) the fridge(s), but a lot when I turn off the machine that keeps water hot (for instant noodles and such). Sometimes, the highest energy guzzler is the least likely item in the house..

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