380th post

(was doing v0079 when I came up with the idea of doing this)

I rotated the individual parts of v0003 among other things to get this.

Mixed the background of one vector with non-background versions of other vectors to get this. I would like to add more, but found not to be suitable due to the lighting, insufficient areas of the character are vectored, or risk crashing the editor after adding too many.

Earlier, I tried to create a nice Twitter status widget with HTML with code based on my navigation menu, but conflicts with other HTML-based Twitter status caused it to appear messed up. In the end, I reverted back to the Flash-based version (though a different theme) in its place. Discovered new code during the process though.

I changed the images of the navigation menu again. I have changed from Taniguchi from the infamous "Wasuremono" scene, to Mio looking out of the window (just before CM break in K-on ep6), and now, Yomi of Ga-rei.

I have yet to figure out how to have the link to change colour at the same time as when you hover over the area it is on. Also, you can click that empty space to the link in question or the other language version if already there. Reason why I didn't make the cursor to change to that when its hovered over a link is that clicking with the scroll wheel (or holding Ctrl while left clicking) would not have it open in a new tab. Also, mobile browsers might not even treat that as a working link.


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