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Chasing After Rainbows: Wonder why

18 February 2008

Wonder why

Lately, an increasing number of my classmates have quitted the course. Among those that quitted, they want to join another course and that would mean starting from year 1 again.

For the remainding people, their attendance have been droping until they reach the minimum percentage of attendance without being debared for the subjects they are skipping from. Whether they had an MC or have approved leave or not, that I never found out. In any case, I don't recall seeing certain people for certain subjects. If you were to just look at my class and compare it to the other classes, there are more empty seats in mine and close to none for the other. All classes have an original population of about 30 people. All classes in my course would be reshuffled for the 2nd year base on the elective subject chosen.

PS: At ITE East, other than the ones with restricted access, you can smell the cigerate/tobaco from outside the toilets. On top of that, I heard that the male toilets are vandalised like broken doors and sinks. I wonder why...

I wanted to put up another picture, but it unexpectely failed during the transfer process. How strange...

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