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07 February 2008

So many people...

(theres more on the following page and my other accounts)

I was looking through the friends list of one of my accounts, looking out for people who never log in for 3 weeks or more and those who send me forwarded messages, regardless of content [which includes "friendster is closing soon", "for my friends", "非常非常感人的真实故事...非看不得.." (what ever the hell that means), "PLEEEEASE READ!!!!! it was on the NEWS!!! ASAP!", "add nyo po ako" (who is nyo po ako?) and so on.], when I come across this page [pictured above] with so many people named Sakura. In fact, too many. Apparently, the display image is from Cardcaptor Sakura. Other common names include Rukia, Haruhi, Sasuke, Kagome and whatever names from popular anime (which I no longer watch or see them as outdated). Can't they be more original than that...

Anyways, I am getting closer to getting rid of the music files that I dread hearing when playing. (they were either songs I kept hearing until I got sick of it, or came with the good ones) As I also autofill the music on my iPod Shuffle using iTunes, those music are also added to it and had to manually remove them.

"I was falling when I somehow took this picture. Sadly, I didn't survive but thankfully got reincarnated as someone else with past memories intact 3300 kilometres north-east from where this was taken."
(Okay, I made the above up.)

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