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Chasing After Rainbows: How to NOT be well known

03 December 2010

How to NOT be well known

From what I have discovered as I wonder around, here are some things that publishers/broadcasters do to indirectly say that they do not want to be well known or make more money. That is, assuming that the subject in question has nothing wrong with it.

  1. Use "copyright infringement" as an excuse to remove free promotion by others.
    1. With these videos removed, fewer people would know about it, and popularity dropped
    2. People who have heard about the takedown might have lost interest about the subject that has been removed and would boycott any future releases of the subject concerned, or even the party that has requested the removal
    3. If (1) doesn't happen, they might just block it, place ads, or mute the audio.
  2. Limit viewing to only certain countries and a few others. People from countries outside the allowed places can't view them, even if the person viewing it is form the allowed country, but on a holiday or working/studying overseas.
    1. Munchy Crumbs
    2. iCylinder
    3. Koro (葫蘆)
    4. Smiling Moving Pictures
    5. ...many more
  3. Making multiple point of views of the same timeline of events to fill in the gaps.
    1. Nakunaru no Toki wa
    2. Depression of Cool Temple
    3. Relying Sky
    4. Play-biting
  4. Annoying/Unnecessary/Redundant dubs/subs. And maybe make a lot of alteration from the original, including changing the opening and ending themes.
  5. Targeting only certain markets, and ignoring those from elsewhere despite popularity
If you're wondering why I'm writing this, one of my accounts of (2.2) has been suspended for (1) after (1.3) happened. I still have the videos that were taken down, but I don't plan to upload them back up. (1) is designed to protect from being plagiarized (copying and claiming as theirs), but what they have done says otherwise.

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