Long tiring day

Even though the holidays have just started, I am already facing a ton of stressful stuff to do this week. On top of that, it doesn't look like it would end until the first week of the new school term. By then, I wouldn't be in the right sate of mind. I already didn't have a proper break (including the cristmas season) since I started in that school and did not reveive much assistance due to "lack of manpower" or get paid well for it. If I go for the one next week, I think I'll go crazy.

To show that I'm serious about it, I won't turn up for school-related activities starting next week and turn off my main handphone until the end of holidays. My pre-paid phone number at +**-***2****. (I won't be logging into any messenger service or properly check messenges sent via electronic means either.)

A large hamster up close.


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