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Chasing After Rainbows: Updates to anime blogs layout.

24 March 2008

Updates to anime blogs layout.

(Originally posted at my 1st blogger blog on the same day)

After playing around with the HTML coding of my main blog, I have decided to change the layout for the anime blogs for both the English and Japanese language versions.

Currently, I have only change the colours to the same as what you saw on my main blog (at time of post). I plan to use the same template from the main blog and apply it to here. The problem is that I can't copy directly due to the problems with the header image; you had to manually edit from the lengthy HTML code and have to upload the image at 3rd party image hosting sites.
I plan to change the header image, but have yet to find a suitable replacement despite haveing tons of images. Also, I am clueless on using image editing software, so I might end only cropping, changing the saturation (richness of the colours) and stuff I can do with Paint and Windows Live Photo Gallery. (the default colours in paint for vista is better than the ones found in the earlier versions btw). I may sometimes put up a drawing or vectorised when I feel like it, but unlikely. I don't know how long it would take, but it may take a while.

You may have noticed I didn't post anything there lately. The truth to that is that I am clueless as to what to post there and have to type/edit the same thing again in another language. Kindda stressful to do so frequently, but can help improve language skills, except I don't have the time to do so with all the work around me.

Anyways, I may have changed the colours of my anime blogs, but it looks as though something is missing. It could be the random images. Once I'm done with the layout, I would see how.

PS. As the English version of the anime blog used to be my main blog, you might see some of my personal posts from mid-2007 and earlier and links to my friends' blogs there. Would move them to my current main blog, but can't decide on keeping or deleting the posts there. I might also change the url of that blog too as it's so bloody difficult to remember. (asuan888, the1iam, induration and past-school-assignments are okay but yukarifujimi or fujimiyayuki? Hard to remember.)

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