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Chasing After Rainbows: Facebook app request

07 May 2008

Facebook app request


It seems that I am surrounded by unfriendly & narrow-minded people, idiots, people that are too concevertive, boring surroundings, (very) warm weather, and stuff that are difficult to remember or get. Basically, there are a lot of things I don't like.

Knowing that I dislike looking at pictures of myself (don't ask why), my profile pictures (like at facebook) might have been changed and would have to look through deeper (eg. in photo albums) to find pictures of me (and other people) in it. The privacy level is set to such that anyone can see them, though I have nothing to say about my self.

Speaking of facebook, you might have received a lot of requests to add applications by me. I do apologize for that. The truth is that, when adding an application, or invite to receive extra points, I would randomly select friends from my friend list under the "unselected" tab until I have reached the maximum for the day. Because of this selection criteria, people at the top of the list (starts with "A") are more likely to receive application invite more frequently than people further down the list. The people whom I'll try to avoid sending to are "Damian Chong", "Muttons to Midnite" and certain types of people. I wonder who has rejected/ignored or click on "ignore all application requests by this person"?

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