A very crappy day

A lot of things happened today that dragged my day towards the pit that on normal days, none of this would actually happened.
  1. Woke up with a lot of (what seems to be) mosquito bites all over me. And they are annoyingly itchy. Couldn't sleep because of it. I suspect it's because of the water cooler not being used for some time.
  2. My sister was using the PC in my room when I wanted to change after taking a shower. I had to change elsewhere, which aren't desirable.
  3. Father sends me and my sister to various places. 1st, left home around the time like he would only send me (6:45am). 2nd, my sister is starting her first day of work in the downtown city area and has to be there by 8am but I have to be in school (which is quite some distance) at 7:30am! 3rd, My father for some reason sent my sister first and reached there at 7:15am before reaching school at 7:36am! (according to the car clock, but I don't know how inaccurate that is). Luckily, the traffic was mostly clear and most of the lights at green with room to *cough* go above the speed limit *cough*.
  4. Wasn't really considered late as there was a meeting among the executive committee regarding the final selection of the Jan intake.
  5. In class, had difficulty following or understanding the lesson, even with teacher explaining to me. My classmates who normally sit around me seem to be absent a lot lately, using "working overnight" as an excuse when they were actually clubbing the whole night and went straight to school when it ended, leaving no time for sleep. My remanding classmates seem to be doing the assignments faster than me. No wonder I always end up failing as I didn't have the time to go through to check for errors in any exam.
  6. After school, it seems that almost everyone in the SC would be involved in the graduation night (some call it "nite" for some reason), which means the lack of manpower to manage the student hub. Was stuck there for 2 hours, with the 1st being the peak period, until someone from the SC (somewhat) took over me. My duty wasn't even on that day.
  7. On the way home, the videos that I have converted the night before seem to be of VHS quality, despite the settings being unchanged. Could be because of the lack of the usual sources in HD due to recent events.
  8. As I was about to reach my house, Wei Long called me. (I was near the area of my block where the lift shaft would be installed, so it's quite noisy at that time) He said that one of the students had lost their identification card (retained when borrowing things) during my "duty" mentioned in para/point 5. I don't remember what he said afterwards. I could care anyway as I suspect that it could be a prank like during my first day at the library of the main campus. あのばかやろう。
  9. I reach the appointed location and time for the SC P&C gathering about 15mins early. After a lot of waiting and aimless walking while waiting for everyone to arrive, which is more than an hour after the appointed time. WTF. Since people had already eaten while waiting, it wasn't really fun anymore... (I was also reminded what was mentioned in the previous para/point and them not believing on where I stay) While going back, they keep nagging on messaging them when I reach home or they would "file a report with the police". Do you think I am like a small little girl who doesn't know her way back home?! Hey what the hell is wrong with you?!
  10. Reach the train station near my home about 30mins from the above. Wanted to deposit money received from my grandparents yesterday (sunday), but the machine doesn't seem to work. Walked home. (I noticed that from the time I started walking from there to my house (which is about a 10mins walk), there wasn't a public bus that had passed me if I had waited for it at that bus stop.
  11. Proof that I was there:
  12. Mosquito bites again... I think I should get rid of the water or at least put it outside my room.
If I were to put up a wig with the same colour as my hair, replace my glasses with contact lenses (or at least just remove the former), and wear something (from clothing, the makeup to shoes) that nobody has seen me or expect me to wear, would you be able to even recognize me? I doubt do, as I would probably be unrecognized, unless you remove the wig or hear me speak.

I want to change the background (for the nth time) again since I have found a lot of images I downloaded from flickr. This image is one of them, though it's unsuitable for a background, but might be for a display image.


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