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Spot the odd one out!

I am bored. I am suddenly faced with increase in difficulty. Seems that the money I needed far exceeds what my parents are giving me. A lot of old things have to make way for new ones. Jobs offered by the armed forces does not suit me at all. Prices are increasing like nobody's business. People are living without even knowing who their neighbors are for many years. The population of developed areas are dropping. People are coming/leaving abroad to work. Those who are too much in their comfort zones are likely to reject new changes or are in for a rude awakening when it happens. Smoking is bad, anyone who says otherwise are running away from the truth and it's negative impacts, especially their future. Do not adapt a "it will not happen to me" attitude just because it hasn't happened to you yet. Things will loose their "newness" after some time. Help the needy, poor and disabled. If piracy were to be stopped, you should see why they are doing it in the first place. Same goes to businesses who are wondering why a particular thing does not sell well. People would buy things if the price is right. Completion is there to have a healthy growth and avoiding monopoly who sets unreasonably high prices.

Anyways I heard that Apple is offering the iPhone for US$200 if you sign up with AT&T.


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