143th post: feeling sleepy

The hall where sports activities and performances are held.

Do you ever get the feeling of your eyes forcing themselves to close and your head moving uncontroably, possibly ending up on the shoulder of the person sitting next to you, even for a while?
Also, do you find yourself just before getting up, your body is annoyingly hard to move and that even the dimmest light that you first see very glaring?

Wait, what am I talking about? Oh yes, I was saying that later on today, that the Jan 2008 intake of SC would take place over there. I have yet to get ready, but shouldn't be that difficult.

I don't like my sister. She keeps nagging (in a loud voice) at me if she doesn't like what I had done. I also don't like the way she dresses too, from the clothes to the hairstyle. As for my parents, let's just say they are not so tech-savvy as they are born around the early 1960s. (I don't know how they met either.) So, I am old enough to make my stand to make decisions for myself and not listen to others as an order, but as a suggestion. (though financially, i'm not ready yet, not even someone to marry to.)


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