555th post:  (・_・)

Although I'm not being paid to write the stories by me on this blog, or was asked by anyone to write, I need something to cover my day-to-day expenses. Since my focus is on my real life day-to-day activities, and those blog stories, my other blogs seems somewhat neglected. Twitter seems to have become the medium to talk about the updates to my blogs, though if I feel like I might want to search for it later on, or something so detailed that it wouldn't fit in a tweet, I might post it there.

Having received no comments on most of my posts, sometimes I wonder if people are even reading my blog. If I didn't have Twitter followers in the hundreds or have people following this particular blog (via Google Friend Connect widget), I might have felt demotivated to continue from the lack of support.

You know, these banners on this blog has been around for a while, but after a very long period of time (years), I've not made anything out of it. Oddly enough, the usual one, even though small, says that I'm not earning anything, which is a historic low since it started. However, the others, it's nothing and it's clear that I should remove them, to enable the site to load faster, and to you, possible less of an eyesore. (On second thought, my blog would look plain without them.) Maybe the FAQs might tell you more.

Oh, I'm working on "Disoriented Feelings" part 40 now, but it's not ready: I see very huge chunk of text that has not been broken down or edited.


Jon Doe said…
Yeah, not getting comments can be a downer to a blogger. I suggest you start commenting on other people`s blogs who either already have a decent following or do similar blogging as you. The traffic should spill over to your blog and people might comment more.

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