Zune theme

I was checking Paul Thurrot's SuperSite (that's the name of the site) if he had added a review on the final version of Windows Vista when I came across this article which has a link to download the Zune theme (for operating systems based on Windows XP)

It looks nice, in fact, much better than the one than came windows XP. It look so similar to the theme that came with Windows Media Center Edition 2005, only that it's black instead of blue. The only thing I don't like is the orange coloured start button. It's too strong. And the font does not seem to work with cleartype (sub-pixel rendering, make text more readable on LCD screens) for text in languages such as Thai, Japanese, Chinese (both simplified and traditional) and Korean (although it works fine in Russian, Arabic, Greek). This would be troublesome if you try to read a 汉字/漢字 text with many strokes (eg. 憂鬱). However this can be sloved (except for things like the taskbar) by installing fonts that support these. These fonts include "Arial Unicode MS" (included in Microsoft Office 2000 and later but not installed by default) and Mona font.

P.S. If you look at the Firefox tabs, you would see 3 tabs. One is my other blog, one is my imageshack profile and the other is my (1 of the 4) friendster profile.


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