An Unexpected Wish (Part 3)

Since that day, Nanami has gotten over the grieving of her family. However, she still feels lonely in the large empty house. It's impossible to get around without being reminded of her family.

Nanami has been living at this house since she was born. Her parents met each other somewhere in the capital, rent an apartment, and accumulate enough money to settle down into the current house. Since it was newly built when they bought it, the house is of the same age as Nanami herself.

Until Nanami was 10 years old, she had never met her relatives before as they live quite far away. Most of her relatives, including her grandparents, live in Hyogo Prefecture. However there is a family she is related to in Nagano Prefecture, which is also close to the capital, but would take the whole day to get to. The odd thing about this particular family is that in the family tree, the father is at the same level as her, but is a lot older. He has a lot of children, of which, the third oldest child is just a year older than her. Their mother, though not linked to Nanami's family line, is the younger sister of the director of a well known company in the country with branches all over the world. Nanami doesn't know what that company does other than what is publicly available.

Nanami has a lot of memories of the town she grew up in: from the time her brother rescued her from the river, played games with the other children, the annual summer festival with fireworks viewable from far away, among other things strong enough to not want to move out. Even to her relative's place.

Out of concern of Nanami not having relatives living near her, Nanami's grandmother, Ajisai Miyazawa (宮澤 紫陽花 | あぢさゐ), moved out from one of her uncle's house and into hers. Asaji's father, Nanami's great-grandfather, was killed during the second world war and, even earlier, her mother died from a disease that could have been cured with today's medical technology. Being conservative, if they had been alive for a bit longer, Ajisai would not have married her late husband, Mikhail Gorbachev (Михаил Сергеевич Горбачёв), due to his non-Japanese background. She has went through times that were worse than her granddaughter.

At first, Nanami did not want her grandmother to move in, but when her grandmother said that Nanami is quite lonely most of the time and doesn't really know how to take care of herself, seeing at how frequent she eats out or the amount of instant noodles and junk food she had bought, Nanami eventually gave in. Nanami wasn't sure whether to hate her or if this was a good idea as she knows little about her grandmother. She also wonders how her grandmother knew the type of food she had been eating right up to the specific brand and flavoring. After she moved in, she tries not to disturb Nanami, but be around when Nanami needs her.

It wasn't until Nanami recalled a particular science topic about human reproduction that she doesn't know how she existed, or why she is so attached to the couple she has been calling "mother" and "father" for as long she could remember: she is their offspring. Now she knows what her mother said in the strange dream she had while drowning in the pool meant. However, she is also shocked on what her body is able to do: being able to create offspring of her own, but would need a male partner. That would explain a lot on why guys are so interested in girls and the unexplained feeling of why Nanami would want to attract guys.

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