422nd post

I have stuff lying around and I don't know what to do with them.
  • a 1997 PC & 15" CRT monitor: Obviously considered "ancient" by today's standards. It's so slow that I can't play YouTube videos at normal quality without lagging. Let's not even talk about 720p videos.
  • VHS tapes: They are seriously taking up a lot of space, but the contents are not important or have digital/DVD/BD versions.
  • Old game console: GameCube, (1st Gen) Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advanced/SP/Color, PS2 and their accessories, games, cables, etc. I haven't touched any of them lately.
  • Assignment books/papers from primary & secondary education and learning centres: Not only are they old, they contain written work I had done, but I don't even look at them now. They take up the same space (or more) than the VHS tapes. Should I keep them for future use or something my (future) children to look at?
  • Empty shopping bags & boxes, used batteries, and 2008 calenders: Seriously, why am I keeping them?
  • Reams of paper: You know, those used for printing you see in offices. I get them faster than I can use them.
  • Unused PC casing/parts: I actually want to make money for getting rid of them and some of which are spoilt or are considered outdated. It's heavy and contains a lot of plastic and metal.
  • Burnt & Unburnt recordable/rewritable CDs/DVDs: They take up space, but still less compared to those papers & video tapes. Should I copy the data to a hard disk drive? Some of them have difficulty reading, but how much space do I need, and what will I do with the discs after that?
  • Cardboard boxes: Some are big, some are small, some are empty, some are used to hold what I mentioned above. They look unsightly as they are of different shape and sizes, not to mention worn out.
  • Etc.
Looks like I have a lot to do. Ugh, look at the dust around too...


Edward said…
I have moved several times in the last few years and had many of the same things to clean up. It is hard to decide what to keep and what to throw out. Just be careful that you don't throw out something you might want later. ^_^ Good luck with your cleaning.

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