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Chasing After Rainbows: 645th post - World records and their authencity

26 February 2013

645th post - World records and their authencity

So, you may have come across a book like "G****** World Book of Records" and looked through and get amazed at the things they mention.

But how many record-breaking things are there that are not recorded in this book? How many are achieved through cheating, or through impractical and unrealistic means? Which record has the most number of failed attempts? Some of these records looked as if they are done for the sake of doing it and either beat the previous record (even by just a tiny amount) or have it to themselves.

If you watch their shows, or a news article about it, you would noticed that the event is "officially" supervised by someone. Nobody is going to recognize an event that actually breaks an existing record without shortcuts used if it is not "officially supervised", like a man running up and down the countryside by himself faster than that Bolt guy.

Just don't believe everything others say, but leave room in the possibility that it could be real.

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