634th post: The joys of traveling alone

If you know what you are doing, planning well and all that, travelling alone can be quite fun over travelling with a tour group or even with just one other person.

Yes. I do have experience with that.

Well, sure the planning can be a pain, but you can plan it to your schedule without the need to
 also suit other people's schedule. Sometimes, they can't even confirm anything until closer to the day, which is bad if the flight or accomodation has yet to be book as cheap and convenient options would be unavailable to you as they are likely to be fully booked or exceeded the latest eligible date.

If you have ever looked at a booking system for the best routes/time/cost, you would notice that even booking a flight of the same route on a date can cost a lot different than the dates surrounding it. This is why flights should be decided before deciding on the exact dates. Also take note of the time of departure and arrival: depending on the airport, you could save some hotel money by just sleeping at the airport for less than a full night's stay. However, some people would not want to do this.

Other points:
  • No argument over where to eat/go
  • Not worry about someone being at the hotel room if not together
  • Not going to where you want just because the other doesn't want to

However, there are negatives with travelling alone:
  • No one but unfamiliar people to talk to (not necessarily a bad thing)
  • Have help by someone you know is troublesome


Fernando said…
Agreed on all points. I went to Vietnam twice. The first time I was by myself and while I got into loads of predicaments, it was enlightening and I loved the freedom of being able to do literally whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to. Also the fact that I could meet new people and form friendships I still keep up with now.

It was invigorating compared to the second time where I went on guided tour. Fun but something was missing and there was a dull normality about it all. Just missed the sense of adventure by watching the country go by behind a pane of safe, isolating glass.

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