Alternate Dimension (Part 80)

The results of the year-skipping tests has arrived saying that I have passed it. I though that the people at Hatsuya headquarters would do anything to prevent me from the endless loop of going to high school for the rest of my life, but they didn't. In fact, they congratulated me for passing it.

I wonder why they let me? Did they finally notice my desire? Are they planning to use me for something after college? Looking at the situation, I could be taking care of Kotomi's future children, whoever her husband may be. Kotomi appears to want children, but not interested in taking care of them, I could be tasked to take care of them until the youngest child is old enough. She sees having children as a necessity to replace herself when she can't live on any more, so she doesn't care about the financial burden that it comes with like most couples today.

Throughout the rest of the year, I have helped to make Nanami (Kotomi's aunt, though younger than her) feel better from her brother and parents' deaths. I've also let Inami's son spend my money on whatever he likes, but he didn't spend as much as I wanted him to.

It's now a certain day in some month of the following year, before college starts. I'm preparing dinner at my parents' house, with Itsuki and Kotomi around, though mom and dad themselves are on an overseas business trip. Lately, Kotomi has been complaining about the things happening at her workplace that seems to be getting worse over time.

Kotomi: "They keep sexually harassing me, and it's becoming more and more obvious lately."

Itsuki: "The office of Tanaka Bank, was it? I'll look more into this, but you should consider quitting this job. You look quite attractive, of course those guys would do it."

Kotomi: "It's not like I want to look attractive in the first place..."

Kotomi appeared unsure about quitting but she seemed to be wanting to be talking about something else.

Kotomi: "Hey... I know this came out out of nowhere, but I think it would be practical if we were to get married?"

This really came out of nowhere. For a woman to say this means that she has already thought of it for quite a while and is serious about it. It's even rarer that a girl, instead of a guy, to propose getting married first.

Itsuki: "I'm sorry, I must have misheard you, but did you say that you want to marry me?"

Kotomi: "Well, you don't seem to have any girlfriends and I coincidently happen to be a girl myself, and we are quite close to each other. More than with our own parents."

I think she was actually interested with me more than him, but being a girl myself, she has to marry whoever is controlling my former body, Itsuki, if she wants the marriage to be endorsed by everyone. This feeling has probably built up since we first met.

She probably already realized that she would go insane if she doesn't see my former body regularly for as long as she lives and, being not a parent or sibling, marriage seems to be the only option that ensures that she sees him regularly enough to keep her sanity. She mistakes this as a sign of being in love instead of it actually being a result from a curse that triggered when she fell on me (in my former body) back in high school, so she isn't aware that a curse is forcing her to love whoever she fell onto back then. I guess it's better if it seems natural from her point of view than knowing that she was forced to.

Kotomi: "Well? I don't mind if you don't accept, but you have to remember that I have to see you frequently to keep my sanity, which could get very troublesome or land you into trouble if you marry someone else. I do see Saeko, your female er... clone, more often than you, but seeing her instead of you is no different from not seeing you at all in preventing me from going insane. Also, I want to have children too, to have a part of us to live on should either of us die. Did you know that our true ancestors lies with the female and their mothers, and our true blood relatives are the children of those women? The problem is that only the male side is recorded."

She's indirectly saying that she's forcing Itsuki to marry her if he doesn't want her to become a stalker. Knowing Kotomi's secret past (that she herself doesn't know about) recently, the possibility of being able to bear a child is unknown due to being the very first of her kind. It would be news-breaking in the scientific world if she manage to give birth to one without any abnormalities.

Itsuki looked at me as if wanting to know my opinion, with a serious and desperate look. I do want to marry Kotomi, but being forever stuck in this female body, I can't. I want Itsuki to do it on my behalf because he's in my former body. I'm stuck with my current body because it's a copy of a female version of myself in an another dimension, and there isn't exactly anyone to return this body to but myself, and some random soul has taken over my former body (that I now refer to by my former name) the moment I left it.

Itsuki: "I guess I was expecting this kind of thing to happen, looking at how close we are. But what about Saeko after we get married?"

Kotomi looked as if she wasn't expecting this question. She took a quick look at me before answering Itsuki.

Kotomi: "She can hang around with us and take care of things. She's your other self, isn't she? She's somewhat like a sibling to the both of us. She needs emotional support from me, just as much as I need yours. Also, you can just treat me like best friends, like right now, and ignore the gender differences between us. We are both humans anyway."

I feel strange that the topic of me hanging around with them was even brought up, and the things Kotomi said, before agreeing on their marrage to each other.

Me: "The both of you can use my money to buy anything, including expensive things. I'm receiving more money than I can spend with."

They seemed uninterested with what I just said, but it did seem to be a decision factor for Itsuki as it relives him of any financial difficulties. Kotomi is already having a salary to live comfortably, and has no interest with the expensive things.

Itsuki: "Okay then. I shall marry you. It's not like I have any luck finding a girlfriend on my own."

Itsuki spoke as if he has been forced into a corner to make him marry Kotomi, but he also looked as if he's happy to marry the prettiest girl he has ever met. For Kotomi, she's just happy that her everlasting desire could now be fufilled easily.

But what about me? It's me who is supposed to be marrying Kotomi, but I'm now some kind of a teenage female robot that doesn't ages and unable to die. I don't want to be a girl and live forever. Being with Kotomi, Itsuki, and their children after their marrage would remind me strongly of how miserable my life is, but they are the only people I'm close with.

Kotomi: "By the way, I don't want to be a housewife."


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