Alternate Dimension (Part 79)

After some discussion with Takagi, we decided to name the new employee of Powell Research as simply ヒトコ (Hitoko). No family name, and the given name is written in katakana. I feel strange writing it because it feels like I'm drawing random short, straight, lines. This name is clearly influenced by the nicknames used by song artists that might sing some anime songs.

Hitoko has transformed again, but it happened after the previous record of 100 hours. Nobody knows what the maximum is, and, according to the other two Hatsuya staff in the same situation, the transformation can happen more than once while asleep.

If this happens for the rest of her life, who else besides me (and possibly Hatsuya) would let Hitoko secure a job if her own identity keeps changing too frequently?

It hasn't yet be proven, but in theory, any injury or illness those three may get would disappear at the next transformation. Adding that to the fact that their physical age changes too, they could practically live forever like me, but won't survive if killed instantly or are dying and are not cured or transformed in time.

As for finding a place for her to stay, I seem to have already own an apartment unit in the city that I had already paid for in full, so the only thing left is to have someone to stay in it. So I had let Hitoko stay in it for free: I'm already receiving more money than I can spend, so I don't need more money to come in.


Just as I though that I would be doomed to forever repeat high school over and over again, it seems that I could skip into other years, including those of college levels. It's not popular because of the differences that were not thought inside an already what is considered a top school: you can jump to forth year of college when you are still in the first year of high school, but except for the one immediately after the current year, you aren't taught the subjects in between. However, they are not uncommon.

I was the same year as Kotomi until 2007 where I repeated high school because I don't age, I should have graduated from college or in a graduate school now. Itsuki didn't attend because he already secured a permanent job with a salary that college graduates get. I don't know how I manage my current life as it's considered too much to an average person, but it's a result from my actions. From what I can see, I can't undo it, or quit from one of my three occupations, but I can make my life better.

I don't know what the uniform of the college section in Mizuho look like, but I might have seen it without knowing it. There isn't a centralised location where I could see them gather together for me to be able to tell.

There's nothing stopping me from applying it: Hatsuya only asked me to study in Mizuho, they didn't say that I can't study at the college section there. What confused me was that they placed me in the first year of high school as an entry point with no explanation on top of this being my fourth school (1st and 2nd is me being "transferred" from Katsura to Mihara without restarting from year 1), which makes it the 3rd time I go through High school year 1.

The tests to skip a year or more can be taken any time before the end of the current academic year. I'm applying for college year 3 for the following year because I was supposed to have attend college. Looking at Kotomi, I guess I'm supposed to have graduated from it too by now. My Mizuho friends and classmates may be surprised that I'm jumping straight to college year 3 from high school year 1, but it's long overdue for me, and I have been a high school year 3 student twice already. I'm so happy that I might be starting to break out of the eternal daily life I was made to do.

The year-skipping exam has two separate tests: end-of-year test for regular students designed for the year immediately prior to the one I'm applying for (college year 2 in my case), and a simple test to see what I am knowledgeable of that is outside of the subjects that would be taught in that year. The result of the latter test would only be known if I fail the other paper or, if passed, about halfway through the year as the checking priority is more towards the failures.

When the result of passing is known, those students are also allowed to skip all major exams of their current year. If the year they are in, and the year they are skipped to, are in different education level type (eg. Middle to high, high to college, primary to college), students would attend a graduation ceremony along with the final-year students to receive the diploma of that school type, and attend the entrance ceremony of the next stage with the first years. Well, that's the default option if the option to skip the ceremonies is not answered. This is possible only for schools under Mizuho Academy. Schools that are owned under the same parent company (Hatsuya Research) are only eligible when transferring into Mizuho, while other schools are not eligible at all.

I need to look at past and sample questions first to know what the exam papers are like.


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