A supposed-to-be-great-day until he spoiled it.

(For your info, my house is opposite the junction from the Metta Building in Simei Rd/St1)

It started yesterday (29 Oct 2007) in the afternoon after my SW class.

Went for Japanese class at 3pm, learned stuff like "いちまんはっぴゃくさんじゅうに" (10832) and "銀行は駅の前にです。" (The bank is infront of the (train) station.) on the following day. Received back the slip we wrote for the height of 富士山 (Mt. Fuji) as 3776m (I checked via internet on my phone :P). Wore school shirt over the SW shirt and my mic shirt over my SW short. (The people around me commented on how it looks like a skirt). The room was bloody cold when I entered, in addition to infront of the wind flow from the ac unit.

Fast forward to some time after the 日本語 class:
There was a full dress rehersal at the ampheathere. Me and a group of a few people (Lawson, Minrong and I-forgot-his-name) stationed at the sound. He wanted me to take pictures (with someones camera and I dont feel like doing so). I then passed the camera to a girl in the CCA. Around the end, Lawson want to visit his uncle and auntie ("godparents") at "behind simei mrt, there is a small road and further behind it is a 'very long' bridge. Their house is just on the other side" (blk 1??/2?? in Tampines) and wanted me to go with him. Later on that Lawson made some noise on something. On the train, he talk on something about China's army and Taiwan, how china was "bullied" by westerners, and whatever crap on China that I am not interested to listen about. We left at the station entrance.

The next day, lesson started at 9am for Thinking Skills. 2 hrs later, it ended. (got AL for the rest of the day and about the same time for thursday) The teacher (Mdm Salinah) gave me Mr Ganisen's camera for the day. Some stuff happened, then met that Lawson. No idea what the hell he wants me to do with the camrea and tripod, but it sure was a waste of time. It was raining and some had to share the umbrela to get to the Bishan MRT to ITE Colleage East. Lawson was (for some reason) arguing on who should share which umbrela. I said that i had "a lot of electrical equipment" with me and used my umbrela alone. Lawson used that large umbrela "to protect the tripod" as there is no bag. (Lawson made noise when I passed the camera bag to I-forgot-his name from the day before and passed it to Kahadir. He said something about him being "not trustworthy".) Manage to have peace (despite it being crowded) on the way there as compared to last night. I met Wei Ji there. Reached the audotrium and met the other SC members ("to usher") and then went to the changing room there with the others. A staff approched me and lawson to carry 5 chairs to the audi (I carried 3) and bring back on thursday (or the staff have no chair to sit). Was hanging around behind the stage and at the audi seats (with sc members) to watch the rehersals. Mid-way, lawson asked me to do recording. He complained when the DV tape was not rewined (position was at 2.34 seconds) and made noise when I told him that I had to go to Japanese class (see the paragrapth near the top) around 2pm. I thought I had already told him earlier.

Went back with an SC member who is also in it. I wanted to say something on the way, but can't think of anything to say. (I also wanted to exchange notes to coins as i only have SG$0.30 worth of coins but didn't had the chance to.) After the Japanese class ("Does 寿司 contain soy sause, sugar, or milk?"), there was the SC training. Everyone I saw at College East was back there. Was the lease intense training among all the traing so far as midway, there was a commitee meeting for desiging the board, while drinking coke, and to celebrate esther and kanigis (did i get the names right?) birthday. Yuan Ling was feeling down for some reason on the way home when I-forgot-her-name, an SC member, appeared and want to go together with us. I felt kind of left out when they talk among themseles and me right behind them not saying anything. I really don't know what to say. Yuan Ling got off at Bradell. Played GTA:SA on the way home on the train. Used up all 4 trips of my train pass for the day (wanted to go to vivo city, but was tired as hell with carring the laptop and another on my shoulder, standing, the whole day).

On Lawson:
  • When talking to him, I had to repeat what I said earlier louder. Fustrating when it happens a lot of times.
  • When keeping stuff, I had to keep confirming with him with a thumbs-up to him, something that i'm not used to. Like switching off and keeping equipment and locking up the doors.
  • Keeps talking to me on his "lau xi" camera "uncle", some "project superstar" winner who is blind. Something on the rich history on China and how "uplifting" their national anthem is compared to singapore's and whatever stuff i'm not interested to listen about.
  • Sometime before the National Day (or was it Teacher's Day?), he talked to me about his admirer and how he is shy to talk to her. (She is in the 12th image in August 2007 album [ DSC00076] on my Windows Live Spaces blog.)
  • My tolarance level with him is reaching the limit.
  • During the rehersal of "Class of Clowns" and "Moneysense" skit, he played his own music and do it in such a way that I don't get to play my own music. (I-forgot-his-name said the same thing) During the latter event rehersal (25 Oct), Amy, one of the new SC members (who were waiting for the oath taking rehersal) nearby complained on how boring his music is and wants him to change it. In the end he didn't do so (i wonder if he heard her) and played my music with his at the same time. (He played songs like "Dont wanna close my eyes", "If i was invisible" and some slow-paced chinese song while i played japanese anime, which i dont think anyone has watched yet or are of future seasons of what they already watched, soundtracks).
  • He keeps stressing on my religon (which i dont give a damn about) and whatever crap. More so during the fasting month in September.
  • According to Lawson himself, his uncle said that he (Lawson) was too long winded
  • I think I have to disobey him to a certain extent to gain back my sanity and freedom. Like disappearing before he offers me to go to somewhere with only me and him.
  • Less annnoying as compared to Ming Jie in my secondary school
I think this is the longest text-only blog i have done so far. Started writing this post at 20:09 and finished at 23:36 on the same day.

23:53 edit: the "I-forgot-her-name" mentioned above is to Faith. "I-forgot-his-name" said on the 25th that the images on my phone are similar to the "persorn at friendster whos name is in chinese that starts with Gao something" when I realised that he was refering to one of my accounts there with the name 高橋晴佳 (which is pronounced as "Takahashi Haruka"; now 高橋はるか). Not sure which of the 150+ friends on that account (5700 if add all my other accounts) is him.


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