An Unexpected Wish (Part 8)

The girl Nanami saw appeared to be a student from the well known prestigious Mizuho Girls Academy. She looked very much like the president of Nanami's school computer club who graduated last year. Is this her sister? Moreover, for a girl who attends the academy that is known for people to to be knowledgeable, gentle, and feminine, her playing violent games clearly designed for men of ages older than her seems far out of place. Nanami thought that this could be their secret way of relieving stress and anger hidden behind the smiling faces. As much as Nanami wanted to know,


The Mizuho girl had a worried look on her face. Nanami wasn't sure if the Mizuho girl is angry for trespassing. Before the Mizuho girl got closer, she received an incoming call from someone. It now looks like Nanami was given more time to come up with an excuse.

"Huh? When did you say that was? A minute ago?!"

Silenced followed as the unknown caller talked as the Mizuho girl looked in the direction of Nanami. Her face became more bewildered as the call continued on.

"...but she's here at my house now. The apartment complex not far from where my parents live. Yes, I know it's impossible to travel from her house to here in a minute... What? You saw those lights when she vanished in front of you? I better ask her."

Nanami wondered how the unknown caller on the other end of the line knew that there were flashing green lights before finding herself in the white void, or how they knew the Mizuho girl. The Mizuho girl looked at Nanami more attentively after ending the call.

"Ah, Fujibayashi-san. You may know me as the computer club president that graduated from your school last year, but I'm also your cousin's boyfriend's sister. Your cousin's name is Kotomi Miyazawa, right?"

The Mizuho girl was abrupt and reluctant to say the word "sister" as if she wasn't used to saying it. However, at the mention of knowing her cousin well, Nanami relaxed a little. The Mizuho girl's name is Saeko Hisakawa.

"If you graduated from my school, then why are you in Mizuho High now?", Nanami noted. She also decided not to raise the topic of her mismatching name tag or the game she overheard Saeko mentioning earlier. Saeko's face says that she has been anticipating this to be asked, but at the same time, hoping it wouldn't be asked.

"Er, that is something I don't really have a choice over that I would rather not talk about now."

Nanami couldn't help but notice how beautiful the Mizuho uniform is, or how they are perfectly designed to accommodate her large breasts that were bigger than Nanami's or Saeko.

"...including what you are staring at. I know it's distracting, but I can't do anything about it. And please pay attention to what I'm saying." She abruptly added, as if she already knew.

"Anyway, your cousin told me you were at your home just a minute earlier, but you are here now in my house, which is in a different prefecture of where you live. What happened? You can tell me the details: the thing that caused the flashes of green light you saw had changed their victim's lives completely, and I'm one of them."

"You? You look normal." Nanami replied coldly.

The Mizuho girl suddenly stabbed herself at the chest with a sword that was hanging on the wall in the room. She did yell in pain and lay dead with the pool of blood around her became bigger. However, she suddenly stood up and, on removing the sword, the injury and blood disappeared, and her uniform repaired itself, as if that never happened.

"Do you think this is normal? I am unable to die even if I tried to. I'm also supposed to be as old as your cousin, but I still looked of the same as I was several years ago. I'm like a zombie, but my heart is still beating, my skin is not rotting, my intelligence actually increased. Be lucky that I'm unable to fight or get angry, even if I wanted to."

"I found myself in the white void for what seem like forever. Then my dad's office desk appeared, which I never saw before or found anything interesting with it. Next thing I knew, the white void constructed this room that looked like I entered a place in a game that was being loaded shortly before you came in. I don't know what just happened."

Nanami did not mention about adjusting settings that has alien writings on it. She didn't think it was anything important.

"Wait a minute. Are you saying that everything around us, including ourselves, is processed by some computer-like thing? That would explain why things that can't be scitinfically proven happening has happened. Not too sure.", Saeko pounders. "That, or you are still in that world of white void's virtual simulation, and I'm some NPC, or the you I'm seeing is an interface to communicate with the you there. Since you can change your scene, it would appear to others that you teleported. What I do know is that I have encountered the thing that did this to you myself, and has known to change people's lives forever. What I just demonstrated is one of the many effects of what it did to me."

Nanami understood what some of the words that Saeko said. What she didn't understand is how did she find herself in Saeko's house if she has never been there before, or thought of it?

"So, can you think of getting yourself back home? Try de-constructing this scene and think if your home. I can't give you helpful hints as I don't know how yours work, and very different from me.

"But I don't know how I did it," said Nanami in a slightly scared voice, but at that moment, Saeko appear to be blushing excessively for no apparent reason, and showed signs of discomfort on her body, but otherwise appearing to pretend as if this wasn't happening. Nanami wondered if she unconsciously doing this.

At the next moment, Saeko suddenly fell forwards onto the floor with her front facing the floor, but there was a loud bang follow by the ground shaking when the hit the ground, with noticeable cracks on the floor around her.

Saeko could lift up her head, hips, arms, and legs, but she can't lift her chest as if it is a part of the floor. She touched her breasts as if she was verifying her suspicion of those being the cause for her current situation.

"Er, Nanami-chan. Could you help me get back up? My body doesn't even have the strength to turn myself around," said Saeko as she spoke towards the floor, with a tone of annoyance in her voice.

Nanami tried to lift Saeko back up with all her strength, thinking that she was joking. Lifting up her body felt like the weight of any normal girl of her age, until where it came to Saeko's upper torso that it felt extremely heavy for Nanami to be able to lift up: they are heavier than the heaviest thing Nanami has managed to carry.

"I would like to help accommodate you home since I know where it is, but as you can see, I can't get myself up. I don't know how long I would be stuck like this. Could be weeks before someone notices I'm missing, so um, could you tell Kotomi about my situation? You don't need to rush, but I don't want to be stuck in this position forever either. You should hurry if you don't want to worry about missing the last train on the way... Wait. Do you have any money with you? You were at your home before you appeared here weren't you?" said Saeko while trying to turn her head towards Nanami.

"No," Nanami said simply. She was about to simply shake her head, but then realized that Saeko might not be able to see that.

"I have money in my skirt pocket. You can take all of my money in there. It's small change compared to my seemingly infinite income."

Nanami took a look at the money she had: she had a lot of ten thousand yen bills with her. She wondered if Mizuho girls were rich or Saeko only.

"I know it might feel like you are stealing money from me given my position, but I'm letting you take it. You are Kotomi's aunt, aren't you? Just leave everything else behind. Besides, I have access to more cash somewhere when I need it. You can use my computer to look up the route to get home."

Nanami knew that she was Kotomi's aunt, but it feels weird to her to be called that since she is younger than Kotomi in age. Saeko confirmed the station Nanami saw in the route guide was within walking distance from Saeko's place, and then gave her directions to get to get there. Nanami felt guilty for leaving Saeko there, but it can't be helped that Saeko is stuck there and too heavy to be moved.

The whole experience was shocking to Nanami. What felt like hours and days to her in that world of white void has actually only have a few minutes passed in the real world. She isn't quite sure if she is still in the white void because it seems to be constructed in front of her eyes. She could be interacting with the real world while still in the white void, the world around her is simulated and not real, or her "real world" is just one big computer simulation taking in the past of what she is actually in where it's advance enough to have everything look and feel real.

She doesn't know what to believe.


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