Alternate Dimension (Part 84)

Me: "Kotomi, has your first child already told you that I can fix your problem of being unable to see their gender?"

She looked as if she wasn't expecting me to ask that, but knew what I'm talking about.

Kotomi: "Shortly after my dad became a girl, yes. I completely forgot to ask you about it after my child told me about it. What is it?"

The same phenomenon that turns middle-aged men and elderly women into young girls doesn't seem to have spared Kotomi's dad. It caused disruptions due to identity and personality change. It happened during dinner one night at their home in front of everyone present at that time. If you were to examine their bodies, they have the same traits of ordinary teenage girls (born less than 20 years ago as girls), and bare resemblance to the oldest (untransformed) male and female in the family they are close with.
This means that her dad now looks like the daughter of her mother and oldest brother instead of her grandparents. Yes, he still knows about Kotomi's children, and yes, there's nothing abnormal with his body and appears fit and healthy, for a teenage girl that is.

My family still exists as multiple generations of the family that makes up of female and male children, adults, and the elderly, but with what is happening to everyone, it would look a group of teenage girls hanging out together instead.

Me: "Well, it's simple really: just touch the front area between their legs. An alternate way is to discreetly elbow their front chest, but it only works on girls who aren't flat-chested."

Kotomi looked at me with a strange face.

Kotomi: "You want me to touch their private parts just so I could know their gender?"

I knew she would say something like that.

Me: "Well, the theory here being that you already know what your own and Itsuki's feels like, and your mind assigns that feeling as something specific to either gender. You could feel your child touching you, and since you can't see or hear them, it's the only organ that isn't censored to you. The theory here is, if you felt a gender specific organ on their body, the thing that is preventing you from knowing the gender of your child is removed as there is no doubt what you are feeling belongs to a specific gender. The main problem is being able to even do that as nobody likes those to be looked at or touched."

Kotomi: "Any other way?"

Me: "Well, you could just forget about it, but it wouldn't be good if you give your child something gender specific, and the child's gender is opposite of what the item you are giving is designed for. If you give it to them, they would accept it, but usually only because they are tired of arguing with you and that item gets passed around to someone else."

Kotomi: "Looks like I have to think about it for now. Thanks anyway."

I can't directly say that her son, the 2nd eldest child, has been crossdressing. It's wrong. Even the other children (who are girls) thinks so too, but the problem is that his mother sees him as a boy, and his father is a bad example as he himself crossdresses as (transformed into, actually) a woman most of the time. The only male left in the family who has not been changed my father. However, being used to seeing Itsuki as a woman and me as the female version of their son, he didn't seem to mind to see his grandson dressed like a girl.

Ever since the first year the phenomenon of weak, but beautiful teenage girls appearing to be replacing tough and vicious people (mostly men), it has caused chaos to the security and defense sector all over. Why? The people who could repel attackers, commanders demanding something to be done, bouncer at clubs, and people like that: they had all been vanished, with the ones left behind are somewhat like cowards, with nobody to being able to fix the situation as, even if they could employ someone, there is no one tough to fix this. Fortunately, this also means that crimes that has violence has disappeared too. Also, sobbing and crying has become the new way to express anger.

The industries where men dominate are heavily affected for that same reason too, particularly construction. Adjusting it to the increasingly feminized population is not easy as their physical and mental endurance are weaker than men, and they are concern about their appearance too. However, they have to as the female population already far outnumber the number of males, and their existing male staff have noticeably been turned into girls. Most of which have to attend school due to the biological age they had become, which means a loss of staff too. However, regardless of what they were before, they all seemed to have adopted to their new selves without difficulty. Their way of thinking has completely changed too, but, except those changed in the first year it happened, they still retain memories from their former selves.

However, it seems that the use of that memory from their former selves seems to be limited to recognizing people they are close with, and random selection of other things. Everything else seem like what other females of their age and area would know plus things that would make them unique from the others. If they weren't good at subjects due to laziness, lack of motivation, or situations that are beyond their control in their "previous life", they would be better at it. Of course, what is taught in school may be different now than "their time". Example? Well, things like events that happened in between, like the unification of Germany, Vietnam and Korea, major attacks or disasters that causes massive lost of lives, and so on. These are like chain reactions that are difficult to predict.
Well, I had probably already talked a lot about this already, so I'm not going to discuss it further until something major happens. I might drop some indirect mentions about my complains with this phenomenon from time to time.


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