Alternate Dimension (Part 85)

At work, Hitoko (the one whom I rescued a while back) showed something that required my attention: there is something detected in the mountain ranges at the northern part of the country that is related to the phenomenon of people being turned young girls. Ironically, Hatsuya had also given me the same assignment at the same area with very vague detail and an almost immediate timing that implies that they knew that Powell had already told me.

Hatsuya said that I could go there with what I'm wearing at that moment without the need for any additional clothing as my body can withstand extreme conditions that normal people can't, but added that the same doesn't apply to how I would feel about it. Obviously, I don't want to go a mountainous region wearing nothing but summer clothes. Plus, they could track my location and see what I'm seeing, which I can't disable it myself as it's part of my body. For the latter, it's deeply implemented into my eyes that the only way that they can't see what I'm seeing is to blind myself, or just close my eyes, but I need to be able to see to do anything.

The only man-made structure closest to mountain range in question is a recently abandoned ski resort, which was closed due to its infamous reputation for having quite a high number of incidences and strange occurrences. But that alone isn't enough to stop the daring ones. The final factor that had the place to shut down was the phenomenon of people being turned into young girls, where the fearless and aggressive people were among those who were transformed first. These people were the ski resort's final group of customers: with them gone, nobody else turned up because of the incidents that happened there. Girls are scared easily, but skiing downward from a high place down on snowy slope with nothing to hold on to besides the ski poles can be scary.

I believe I was sent to the mountains around here because it is one of the first reported places when the phenomenon had started. Being the first year it happened, everyone who had changed do not remember who their former selves were. It was a case where a large group of schoolgirls of the same school mysteriously found themselves at the ski lodge, and at the same time, the experienced skiers and some resort staff had gone missing. The strange part is that nobody could remember who the missing people were, and the school where the schoolgirls belong to noticed a spike in student numbers, but nobody knows who they were. Even stranger is that the number of missing people of the lodge is exactly equal to the number of girls who suddenly found themselves there, but this fact was overlooked by the media and investigators as nobody thought at that time that people could be transformed by external forces beyond recognition. This incident was forgotten when it became widespread. Hatsuya concluded that the school girls who found themselves there were previously skiers as that location is quite remote.

I came here alone by myself. I asked for a companion, but Powell said that things could complicated if I do. I'm alone in this abandoned place with no electricity, with nothing besides what I'm wearing, and there are probably animals around here too. That is so cruel of them.

Well, this would have been easy if only I knew where or what exactly to look in this huge area. To make matters worse, there is a very long snowstorm, and the sunlight is quite weak here.

I feel like breaking into tears for making me go through this craziness.


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