Post-Evolution World Report 4 - Biology

Not everything about the evolution is bad: people who had various disabilities and illnesses like blindness, paralysis, amputees, cancer, amongst others, were suddenly able-bodied like anyone else. In fact, everyone who was warded in hospital for anything at the time evolution happened were all fit and healthy as if they never had the illness in the first place.

However, this does not render medical facilities obsolete. People could still get injured and die from blood loss. The difference is the universal compatibility with anyone when things like blood transfusion or kidney transplant are needed, and clear off those with pre-existing conditions.

Surgeons told me that they had to operate on the patient with the clothes they had on because they couldn't remove it. Examination of our internal organs revealed that our bodies are now structured like an adolescent female, but without a reproductive system. Internal body parts have been changed and rearranged, with possibly some having functions yet to be understood. Patients that were known to had surgery, or known to be male or elderly previously, had the same healthy adolescent female structure, and not just external appearance. It's not surprising that everyone had a mental trauma seeing their new selves when evolution happened, where only girls that had minimum changes being the least traumatized. Not completely zero because they may know someone close that changed a lot, like her father.

Companies are obviously not happy that the evolution happened at all, and without warning. It caused a lot of problems, primarily the drop in productivity from strong people loosing their strength, restricted movement of our bodies, and forced to wear clothes that are not ideal for certain jobs. These include sectors that involve a lot of physical and hazardous activity. Workers are unable to work harder than what their new bodies are capable of and meet quotas that were not adjusted. These so-called "under-performing workers" can't be fired either because nothing but robots could perform better. They hadn't been replaced yet because the companies that make those robots, and companies that supply materials to them, are facing their own labour problems like any other company. It didn't help that they have more orders than before to fulfil on top of that, which means a long waiting time.

It also didn't help that we look like pretty women with the mindset of men that has an attraction to women. In other words, our own appearance are a visual distraction, stuck in a way that we can't help it but mentally try to ignore the feeling of attraction. At least we don't need cosmetics to look like fashion models, which is one less distracting thing we have to put up with.

It is difficult to gauge how unhappy people actually are with what evolution did to them at a glance due to our inability to express anger, as well as reborn people who reached a certain biological age having their negative memories erased. It is painful to see people attempting to do tasks that were not seen as much as a deal before evolution that are now slower or even impossible.

There are no visible internal or external organs in us that makes it possible for us to discharge our body waste, but how are we still able to use the toilet as usual? The only oddity is us unable to do so if we did it improperly, attempt it elsewhere, or even attempt to see ourselves doing it. Many researchers believe that we could make a completely new kind of toilet that resembles a face mask that, since we are all wearing skirts, could just stick it between our legs and wait without any exertion of force to release, or meddling with our clothes on our end. The potential advantage is creating more space in buildings that would have otherwise have gone to building a toilet, and using less resources like water. How this would turn out really depends on what researchers would discover.

Our body has mixture of traits that are associated with both male and female to form our new gender. The male side influences the way we think and what interests us, while the female side shaped our body and behaviour. However, the conflict of male mentality and female appearance has made it difficult for us to look at each other without some mild form of attraction (with no thanks to our own attractive appearance) and unable to properly express our male intentions without facing limitations of our external female behaviour. We still use female pronouns even though we are not technically female, as well as having the strong visual and physical resemblance. Whoever changed us seem to not have thought of this very obvious problem, or was this intentional to begin with?

Is it possible to reverse this? With how our gender has been mixed up, changes to our organs, happened instantaneously worldwide without any warning, that possibility, sadly, seems unlikely. To make thing even more confusing, a separate, but yet happening sententiously, phenomenon that is preventing us from being younger than adolescence or becoming an elderly person, makes it hard to tell how old anyone is.

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