709th post: What happened?

So, I wrote about 13 posts about preparing to go to Hokkaido starting all the way back in September 2014, up to December 2014. Taking about this and that and then?

This blog went quiet. Did something happen?

Well, unless you have been following me on Twitter (@takhsiru), which I was quite active at, it appeared that my blog has not been updated. Before you ask, I had gone to Hokkaido for the Snow Festival, starting with shortly after the Comic Market in Tokyo as I went around Kansai and Hiroshima before arriving in Sapporo. (In case you were wondering, I never went to any other city in Hokkaido except Otaru, which is not that far away.)

Writing a journal like what I did back in around June 2013 as I head off to Europe had me realize that backlog gets accumulated so quickly from the days when I just don't feel like writing, or feeling so unproductive having nothing but an Android phone to get online with. I probably might not remember the minor details by now. I would worry too much of writing something here than enjoying the trip, even though the duration I had may be considered long to most people.

What I did write during my trip, however, was that story post for Yononaka no Okugi that I published just a moment ago.  Even back then, I was aware that the last story post was back in October, with nothing but the preparation for the trip since then. It exceeded the de facto schedule of being every two weeks. The reason was actually unrelated to the trip: I hit a writer's block. However, the trip did give me some new ideas, particularly ones I did not have first hand experience in, like mountain climbing (Mt. Takao and Mt. Maya), or be more familiar with streetcars (Hiroshima and Sapporo) apart from Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Perhaps you can include going out into temperatures colder than I'm used to, together with snow everywhere. Walking on a thin layer of freshly fallen snow is nice, but looks awful when a lot of people have walked over it, becomes icy and slippery when it melts and re-freezes, or feels like walking in mud when partially melted, or when it gets thick and not cleared, find myself "dropping" into the ground if not careful.

The content I had published was only the top one third of what I had written, which means that I do have something to publish, but it needs some work to be done. It's possible to split that remaining two thirds again, and add additional content.


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