Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 2 - Changes to the Body

How different is our new gender different from females if we look exactly alike? The difference lies in the inner workings of how our body works.

To begin with, we do not even have female reproduction organs despite what we strongly resemble. It is unclear at this time to tell if we could reproduce at all. Maybe we could, but we hadn't figured out the method, or happening without us knowing. While we do appear to have breasts, we are unable to examine them with clothes obstructing (more on them later) access and closer examination. As mentioned earlier, there is nothing between our legs that would suggest a male or female organ there: nothing but skin like the rest of the body. The bigger mystery is being still able to use the toilet with nothing there.

So, we are incapable of both male and female roles in reproduction. We do feel ticklish and irritation when attempt to simulate it, but that's impossible if there's nothing there. This tells us that our evolved bodies are simply not designed to be able to have sex at all. In fact, us humans are now a single gendered species with components of both former genders fused together and physical restrictions with our bodies.

However, this doesn't mean we are incapable of feeling any sexual desire. It simply means that it is impossible under normal circumstances, but deadly when it does happen because there is no way of relieving it. The worse part is being almost impossible to avoid at this time.

What is this unusual situation I am speaking of? As easy as simply looking at images of pre-evolution men, were it would trigger the female arousal in us that would keep rising in anyone the longer the accumulated time they see them, as the failed attempt to activate a non-existent or functional organ looping infinitely, multiplied by the number of men they paid attention to. This includes ones that used to be men that were simply looking at old images of themselves. Based on reports of the victims, they said that they did felt something inside their body with a pocket of air around it that is causing this feeling that is itching to seek relief, but impossible to reach with our bottom sealed up.

This is classified as an incurable disease as it never goes away once you have it with irreversible increase in intensity if encountered multiple times. People with this condition have difficulty concentrating if not mentally trained to get used to it. Having it for a short period of time may feel amazing, but having it prolonged for the rest of your life (until becoming young again) can drive you crazy. The evolution was less than a decade ago so we have insufficient data for a cure. However, that also means that it can be fairly common around us since practically everyone was born before evolution, and materials that could trigger this disease are everywhere. When the demographics have changed to have more post-evolution people (if that's possible to begin with) and pre-evolution material containing images of men have been filtered out, or less likely to encounter if not, it may be possible for this to be uncommon, or even have people of the time to not be aware of it. Sadly, filtering out our past to ensure our mental health also means that future generations would not know of the old world as what they would only know of the world as it is now.

As much as we hate censorship, and even more so to censor out our past, it is necessary to censor out men in this case to keep our sanity. I am afraid that our children (if that's possible) may not even know what our world was like before evolution with the censorship necessary due to how frequent images of men appear. In education, textbooks had to be withdrawn until the necessary censorship is done, but topics like important inventions or famous artists can be tricky to censor out as they are important to the knowledge of how we get to the world we live in, but quite a vast majority of the people involved, including videos with hosts that talks about them, were men. How are we supposed learn if the very sight of men, which is highly likely, in education materials drives us crazy? There's too much things from the "old world" in the hands of billions of people to censor out and painful to censor at all. But we have to do it for the sake of keeping us sane from this incurable mental disease. Perhaps it is better to simply not talk about anything from that era, and make no references to the people behind it. We know nothing is stopping them from finding out the truth with the Internet and old materials they stumble across, but we should make sure that doesn't happen too easily to encounter by accident.

Of course, in order to censor something out, it is unavoidable for the person doing the actual censorship to acquire this disease, but it appears that team members from Mizuho Girls Academy showed no signs of having this condition. That academy is known for producing the best graduates that find themselves in top positions in the industry and the large office district on their campus attracting many businesses. People who study and work there are easily recognizable by the beautiful uniforms they wear, but since evolution happened, this was overlooked by their breasts: I don't recall those being that big, and the size alone easily stands out from other people. Their blouse seem to has been resized to accommodate them. Even amongst the Mizuho girls themselves, they too seem annoyed about it, but it's not something anyone could do anything about but to make it more comfortable.

Unlike the initial stages of the separate transformation where anyone who isn't a young girl is turned into as such in stages, which is still ongoing and preventing us from becoming elderly folk, the mental restrains that forces us to only be able think and behave like a female have been lifted. However, as if in exchange for that, that restriction has been moved to how we function our bodies at all. In other words, there are no changes to how we behave on the outside, but we became more self-aware of what we can't express: Any anger we feel would not be expressed correctly. If we want to scream and shout in anger with explicit words, it would only come out as polite regular speech or the cheering kind of shout. If we try to throw things around with force in anger, we would find ourselves crying in sadness instead. It's as if our body has no concept of what anger is and instead gets ignored or becomes a completely different expression as if we are incapable of being able to express anger at all. We can rage in our minds as much as we like, but we can't express on the outside. I think not being able to express anger makes them angrier on not being able to express it, and confused if they are feeling moods that are completely different from what they mentally feel. On the plus side, these limitations also stops them from getting violent, and doing actions that make other people angry too.

With the female behaviour forced upon us, it's hard to tell if the expressions we see on others are really their own natural behaviour, but if this forced behaviour goes on for a sufficiently long time, or if one does not know any behaviour beside what they could, the forced behaviour would subconsciously become our actual behaviour from the absence to behave any other way. I personally feel scared of the way this is going because it seems like us humankind are being turned into neutered organic robots where we might get brainwashed and unable to reproduce before we pass on, which could spell the end of us.

Further research into what we can do to overcome the limitations of moving our post-evolution bodies has exposed a loophole: while how we move our hands is restricted to being feminine, there are no restrictions to what we write, type, and basically the things we can do with our hands. We are, however, have our speech restricted to fit with the image of our feminine appearance. It's not surprising how many people on social networks discussing on the frustrations of the restrictions and limitations of their post-evolution bodies, but unlike most cases, there is no clear entity or cause to point the blame at. It just happened out of nowhere like a virus, or we are like entities in virtual world where we were changed instantaneously like a character customization screen. Nobody knows how to respond to this but to accept and make comfortable what we have become. Science can explain how our body works now, with further research at this stage, and how our bodies used to work, but it can't explain how our bodies were transformed.


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