Post-Evolution World Report 6 - Mismatching Instincts

From the perspective of an outsider, one may notice that the humans of our world are full of irresistibly attractive and well-mannered women. To us, however, this is a nightmare that gave us instincts of a man, but with the external expression of a well-mannered lady that matches with our appearance. Any behavior we attempt to express that isn't like the latter would get changed to the closest possible. This means that we have no restrictions to how we could think, but why do we even have such a restriction on our external behavior? How can it translate all of our attempted non lady-like behavior into one that is instantaneously? I am thinking that the well mannered lady we are forced to express are probably the only ones our body is capable of, where anger is strangely omitted. If this were the case, it should have ignored the disallowed behavior instead of trying to closely match what we could. Perhaps something in-between that is like the computer equivalent of a compiler, where it analyzes what we are trying to express and how to best fit into what we could. The positive side of this is that we don't see anyone airing their frustration (because no one can), which in turn helps us feeling less stress from other people's anger.

Without male influence and related materials, there is absolutely nothing left to influence the minds of former males but to lean towards the female behavior that could only be expressed. I am afraid to say that the former males would eventually think and behave like well mannered ladies over time, where they would simply give up on expressions that they can't express, and naturally adapt to the ones they could, as a way to reduce frustration. Even as simple as sitting on a chair is met with forced behavior, like not able to cross arms, or having legs forced together and tucked underneath the chair when wanting to stretch legs wide apart out front. Eventually, we sit with our legs together on our own and not dare to do otherwise.

In other words, males are subconsciously forced to adapt female behavior that are so subtle that even those resistant to the change do not notice it themselves. As for the former females, we observed much more adaptable to change, though this could partly be attributed to the similarities between female and the new gender versus that with males. We did, however, noticed that they too adapted the male instinct, but already used to behaving like female to not notice their behavior being forced.

Now that evolution has caused both former males and females adapt the same things that are indistinguishable from each other, we humans have evolved into a single-gendered species that nobody wished for, and have to suffer to keep living.

However, our male attraction instincts was amplified instead of disabled, and our female appearance more attractive to male minds, as if to counter our pre-evolution difficulty of finding a partner and declining birth rate. This is bad news since we possess both, which leads to an awkward situation that causes us to blush whenever we see anyone, irregardless of the seriousness of the encounter that questions us if we are still straight, or gone homosexual: our male instincts remained unchanged to be attracted to females, but the problem here is that our bodies are shaped like the kind of females we are attracted to, with our feminine voice and forced female mannerism confusing ourselves even more.

Eventually, we got used to blushing when we see each other as it became a normal reaction. Outsiders may notice us trying to avoid looking at each other and think that all of us look awful or hate everyone, but rather, we want to avoid the mental distraction caused by the very way we look! It's very hard to not look at another person, let alone a large crowd full of it, but we have no choice if we want to avoid accidents to see where we are going! They really want us to be blushing at all times, looking at how impossible it is for that to not happen more than several times a day without living alone in isolation. It's pretty weird how it does not trigger sexual desire, but that's a good thing since our body is not designed to be able to handle it.

You may wonder why we are doing nothing about our clothes to have us less attracted to each other. Here's our problem: as part of our evolution, clothes are no longer an optional accessory, but rather a part of the outermost layer of our body that requires us to wear specified types of clothes at all times. In other words, we don't have a choice on what we wear, apart from variances of the same type.

The clothes we are wearing seem to closely resemble office uniforms for women that, based on what was typically worn around the world pre-evolution, seem typical of any business sector of a developed economy, but the blazer school uniforms as part of what we could wear greatly narrows it down to Japan specifically. The style may be considered "revealing" by more conservative cultures, but it's actually decent once you get used to it. Actually, the skirt can be considered as such since it only partially covers our thighs, were skirts below knee level, right up to the ankle, may be what they are used to. We need to wear socks to cover the rest of our legs, and no other kind of clothing are allowed to cover our legs. Pantyhose are the closest thing we can wear that feels like trousers and keep out the airy feeling at our legs, but we still have to wear a skirt over it. While it is obvious that we cannot wear male clothing without our body rejecting it, dresses and traditional outfits designed for women are the unexpected ones that are not allowed to be worn.

Another factor is how noticeable our breasts are showing through underneath our clothes, where even the smallest size anyone has is large enough to be noticeable underneath our layers of clothes. It is the only known reproductive organ our evolved bodies have, but it's useless on its own and seem to serve no purpose but to complete the female appearance. It's difficult to study these without our clothes over it preventing direct access, but from as much as we can gather with our clothes on, it certainly has the mass and physics. We saw no relation or standard of these, but we noticed those that have seen images of pre-evolution males are firm, with firmness depending on total duration they have seen it. It has helped us to tell how bad they have it. It's linked to an incurable disease that is thankfully not life-threatening, but impossible to concentrate.

It seems as if our world was designed by someone who wants to live in a world of nothing but young beautiful women without any thought of the consequences of changing us to fit into their sick "paradise". We hadn't figured out how to reproduce ourselves, where the old ways are impossible. Everyone now looks of the same biological age range of what could be called "a pretty young woman" regardless of how long they have actually lived. Exact ages are uncertain, but the youngest anyone could certainly be is around the age of puberty. No one is sure what the oldest anyone could get before being reborn, but it's certainly before one becomes noticeably an elderly person. This causing issues for services and products relating to young children and elderly related services as the whole category they served no longer exists.

What was a married couple with a male infant in the pre-evolution is now a group of three women. Due to the concurrent rebirth going on, a person who exceeded the allowed age range may now resemble as a daughter of the others they live with, even if the people they resemble are her own children or totally unrelated. It is sickening to think how the meaning of family is destroyed like this.


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