Disorientated Feelings (Part 43)

It has been about a year since I had injected the solution made from some bits of me. Sure enough, my husband did become pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl with no abnormalities. Since the presence of anything genetically male during the child's development being completely absent, it's not possible for the child to be a boy at all.

This is my first child I could see with my own eyes: the children I gave birth too seemed to have gender-specific things appear censored to me for some odd reason, so I don't know if I have any sons. Now, I could actually know the name of the newborn child. Yuko (name of my husband in his female form) could see this child too. It would be a strange scene of two women having a child that resembles the both of them with no adult males involved. In this case, the mother of the child is the one who gave birth to it, which is my husband. It's can get confusing because the husband and wife (me) are each both a mother and father at the same time, but seemingly normal if you put it in terms of the more general parent and child.

During the child's development, Yuko seemed sad that she became pregnant, but appeared to have been expecting it to happen for quite a while. Yuko seem to have known she could become pregnant any time as the Mizuho uniform made her completely female and only has the uniform that would protect her from being raped, but the uniform itself keeps making the wearer strongly aroused on a regular basis on top of having to behave as if there's nothing wrong, though you could tell from their body behavior that appears as if needing the toilet urgently, but having no intention to go there (If this happened within Mizuho campus, it would be more obvious). It would appear strange if Mizuho girls talk to each other when this happens to all of them at the same time, but yet make no mention of it at all despite being so obvious.

Yuko: "Okay, you forced me to become pregnant, and made me give birth to this child. You said that this pregnancy would be cancelled if I turned back into a guy during that stage, but I remained a pregnant woman even after removing the uniform that time. Now that I already suffered through all the crazy things to give birth to this child, can I turn back to be a man again?"

She appeared unsure if she wanted to be turned back into a man: she has lived long enough as a woman to get used to it, but has conflicting thoughts of which is better. Yuko said that there are no real differences between the two, apart from feminine feelings being more sensitive in both senses and emotionally. Not having dated anyone besides my current husband before being married, I never used my femininity to attract anyone as I simply fell in love with the very first guy that fell on top of me back in high school and couldn't stop thinking of him to the point I went crazy if I stopped seeing him.

Kenji: "To be honest, I really don't know as there aren't much people in the same situation as you, and among that few, all had decided to permanently remain a woman. It could happen only after your breasts stops producing milk for this baby you just gave birth to before your body reverts back to the pre-pregnancy state, which could take a few years. However, since the baby is born from you, only your breast milk contains the right amount of nutrients the newborn needs to grow up properly that commercial products, or other mother's breast milk can't provide. This includes your wife, as her body didn't develop that child."

Yuko seemed a bit surprised on the idea that her own breasts could generate something that could be drunk. Yes, that's what the female breasts are for. Other than that, it's nothing more than weights that can't come off: I can die if something wrong were to happen to them, though, it never actually bothered me most of the time.

Kenji: "Oh, since you have spent more time as a woman than as a man since you started working at Mizuho, which itself is more than a decade ago now I believe, along with your children used to seeing you as one too, I think it doesn't matter at this point in your life if you could ever become a man again, as I observed that your wife's illness of needing to see you as a male to keep her sanity is mostly gone, and doesn't seem to treat you any different now than as a man, apart from a minor natural feeling of jealousy of you being prettier than her. She seems to be able to see the girl you gave birth to, though she still can't see the ones born from her. On top of that, she doesn't seem to go crazy from not seeing you as your male self since the first child was born."

I have this feeling that me and my family could be experimental subject of the second phase of his project, if there is one.


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